Ways to Perk Up Wood Furniture

wood furnituresWood furnitures are always beautiful and versatile. They come in different designs and structures, and they fit in all sorts of home interior ideas. They are also easy to style with just a few accents, thus you don’t have to spend a lot just to achieve a particular theme.

There are many ways to glam up wood furniture, and these include:

1. Add bright colored covers on the seats. Wooden sofas and chairs usually look plain and boring, and colorful covered cushions do the job in making them more conducive to sit on. This works best for bamboo and hardwood furniture, particularly those with detachable cushions.

2. Varnish your pieces at least once a year. Regardless if you have antique or modern wood furniture, it is important that you give the piece regular treatment by means of sanding and varnish. Sanding gets rid of the dirt and grime that have accumulated on the piece, while varnish brings back its vibrant color and shine. Varnishing also protects the wood from wear and tear, especially when it is frequently exposed to extreme weather conditions.

3. Repair broken parts immediately. Wood furniture has the tendency to break faster than metal, plastic or concrete. Hence, whenever you see slight damages, have them repaired right away. Repairs and alterations help in strengthening the furniture piece and maintain its beauty for several more years.

4. Place the furniture right where it should be. Some wood furniture pieces are intended for indoor use, while others may be placed outside the home, such as in gardens and patios. It may then be better to place the right furniture at the proper setting, so that they won’t easily incur damages brought by wear and tear.

Wood furniture that has been properly maintained will not only live for many generations; it may also be sold at a higher selling price, especially when it has already aged enough to be considered antique.