A Guide To Taking Care of Yourself in Construction Sites

Construction Sites

The great pyramid was considered the highest man-made structure for 3800 years until the construction of Lincoln Cathedral in the 1300. It took over twenty years before the conclusion of its erection. During those times, it was considered to be a very amazing feat to build such a structure in such time. But today, building something that lasts 20 years before its completion is too long. Thanks to the advent of heavy machinery, creations of such structures are conceivable. Imagine if the Egyptians had access to such machines during their time. We might be seeing clusters of humungous pyramids from the moon!

For most boys, operating heavy equipment was a prestigious dream during the childhood days.  It seemed like riding that big boy is so fun and easy! But in reality, these are not toys for the little ones. Operating one requires focus and extreme dexterity or else, disaster will be lurking by the minute. These heavy machineries call for experts with heaps of experience.

Here are some safety measures to remind operators that they are dealing with literally heavy machines that when used without caution, can cause injury or ultimately, death.

First Things First

Make sure that you are feeling well and are not experiencing symptoms of illness such as dizziness or drowsiness. Check in with the local construction nurse to see that you are not having a high blood pressure. What do these things have to do with machine operation you ask? Well, fainting wile swinging those hefty beams may lead to disastrous accidents! You can never really tell when this will happen and this is not a new issue! It has happened and it could be avoided if taken seriously.

Hard Hats are Number One!

Always wear a hard hat on a hard hat zone. There is a very good reason why hard hats are prescribed on hard hat zones. That is, in case something falls on you, injuries could be minimized since construction areas pose this threat always.

Size-Up, Size-Up!

Before you dare ride that baby, take a short walk around its spot. Check if there are unwanted objects that might obstruct operations. This may range from shovels, rubbles, pile of supplies or loitering co-workers. You don’t want to squash your friend flat on the ground, do you?

Seatbelts are Fashionable

When mounted onto heavy equipment, never ever forget to fasten your seatbelt. Again, never forget that accidents are just waiting to happen on construction sites. Crew safety is the number one priority of proprietors but accidents can happen even with the strictest implementation of safety policies. So to spare you from being a victim, wear a seatbelt!

Nothing Exciting: Neutral

Before you stick that key in the keyhole, put every lever on neutral. Accidentally revving the machine while shifted on a gear can damage, increase wear and tear, delay the project or eventually shorten the lifespan of the equipment.

In hazardous environments, such as construction sites, presence of mind and staying on the line of safety is the key in avoiding work-related accidents. Now, stick that key in the ignition!