Mega Construction Projects in Dubai

United Arab Emirates, Dubai, 05/21/2015, Damac Towers Dubai by Paramount, construction and building ariel views with cityscape background

Most projects under development anywhere on earth receive due attention and fade of as old news as fast as they become news within a period of a year. However, what has been happening in the UAE and especially in Dubai, does not allow development based news to rest as the entire region is starting to paint a new picture of what it is and more importantly, what it is becoming.

The three most talked about projects that will give Dubai an even bigger boost towards having more command on the tourism industry as a destination includes the a Solar energy contract that was awarded t Shanghai Electric worth almost 4 billion dollars which will supply electricity to Dubai at a menial cost of 0.07.3 cents per kilowatt hour and this project is phased at 2 tiers with the first tier churning up 1000 MW by 2020 and 5000 MW by 2030 and is expected to provide Dubai with 75 % of its clean energy source by 2050.

This in conjunction with the Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park which is expected to deliver clean energy to more than 50,000 homes within the borders of Dubai will help reduce carbon emissions by more than 200,000 tons each year.  The current tariffs which are already cheaper than that in Europe is expected to be even cheaper and if everything goes as planned, more than 800,000 homes will be supplied by clean solar energy by the year 2030.

These are just some of the incredible goings on in Dubai that make it a truly wonderful place to live and work and things are only expected to get better with the regional developments that will make the Middle East ‘the Place’ that everybody want to be and eke out a living.  The up and coming City of Neom, the developments in Lebanon spurred by the refugee influx and the developments currently taking place within the borders of the UAE will be making the entire region the modern and earth friendly places on the planet.

Dubai is dynamic, to say the least with its rich traditions, the multitude of expats that make up almost 90 % of its population, the rich and the middle class coupled with a vibrant and unique culture the city of Dubai never fails to impress. From the tallest building on the planet the Burj Khalifa, the world’s largest shopping mall and the sheer extravagance observable that include Lamborghini Police Cars and 35,000 dollar per night hotel suites Dubai seizes visitors the instant they set foot on what was once nothing more than a backwater sand dune outpost.

More and more developments are being ‘dreamed up’ and it does not seem like the glow of tower crane signage in Dubai will stop lighting up the city skyline anytime soon. The entire region is moving forward towards a new era, a new persona and definitely a brand new world where human imagination is developed into reality.