Garage Door Opener Technology You Didn’t Know You Needed

Garage door openers may seem so basic that you would assume not much has changed since they were invented. All they do is go up and down, right? There is so much more to garage door openers and the convenience it adds to your life than you might realize. Here is some garage door opener technology you didn’t even know you needed.

Phone Apps

Since the age of the cell phone began cell phones have been assisting with everyday life. You can get an app that teaches you another language or measures things for you, so why not one that opens your garage door? You may not think this technology is necessary until you have someone dropping off an expensive gift at your house, but you aren’t home. Luckily, now that garage doors can be opened through an app even if you aren’t there you don’t have to send anyone away. You can let them in just by the tap of the screen.

Battery Backup

Have you ever pulled into your driveway after braving a blizzard to find your garage door not opening? It can be so frustrating and difficult to try and get the door up without the aid of the opener. To save your back and day, the technology exists so even if the power is out your garage door can work by using a battery backup.


Garage doors can be dangerous with all of the moving parts and a heavy door. The sensors are there to keep you and your family safe. You may not realize that if the sensors weren’t there how often you could easily be in danger. Also, through an app, you can be told if your garage door has been opened. This is a way to feel safe and keep an eye on your home even if you are away.

Motion Sensor Lights

There is an unspoken rule that if you have had a long day you are allowed to sit and scroll through your phone before you go inside. Sometimes by the time you gather your things to go inside the garage door opener light has already turned off and you are stuck to maneuver your way through a very dark garage. If you have a garage door opener that has a motion sensor you don’t have to worry about the dark! Walking in the garage with your arms full will not be an issue, there is no struggle to flip the switch when you walk in, just walk and the light will turn on.

Technology has helped life become easier and the garage life is no different. Motion sensing lights and battery backup are simple conveniences, but the safety you feel knowing that the sensors will keep your family safe is a big deal. You will even start to brag about your garage door opener, in a way you never thought you would, when a repairman shows up to your house and you are still at the office because you forgot and you can just let him in the garage with no stress.