Two Civil Engineering Jobs That Can Lead To Your Own Private Business

Civil Engineering Jobs

As a career move, becoming a civil engineer is one of the best ways to start out before eventually starting your own business. I know people that are now running a business of their own after working for several years gaining solid experience as a civil engineer.

One of the main challenges with any job is gaining solid on the job work experience. Just going out there and starting a business can lead to many mistakes due to lack of experience. There are plenty of contractors that have started out on their own, but the problem they face is that their lack of experience in certain situations can lead to mistakes being made or the job not being completed satisfactorily.

Even though many of these newbies have their best intentions at heart to do a good job, in the long run, their mistakes can end up being costly. The work may not be durable and need a lot of additional maintenance or touch-ups to bring it up to speed.

Consistently having to call out a private engineer is not cheap, which is why many people want to open their own private business – the pay for being called out and doing the job is much better than doing the same job as a civil engineer employed by the government.

Despite a lot of people’s conception of a civil engineer is that of someone who works in construction or roads works of some description, there are in fact a myriad of duties spread across groups of civil engineers.

Electricians Jobs

Electricians are one of the most commonly know and well paid once they start out on their own. Working on large-scale government electrical projects can be some of the best early days work experience anyone could hope to gain. Of course, anyone has the option to start out on an apprenticeship with a private company but these can be hard to come by these days.

Many private electrician businesses do not want to hire apprentices anymore simply because the apprentice will pass the apprenticeship, then jump ship or start his or her own business. This has left this field of work pretty short on jobs for those looking to start afresh.

However, there are plenty of civil engineering jobs out there looking for all ages to start an apprenticeship. They pay may not be attractive, but a few hard working years down the lane and the fruits of that labor will be paid off handsomely.

From becoming an electrician, other more specialist jobs can pay more than being an all-round specialist. For instance, CCTV, heat pump, intruder alarm experts, and solar power installations all have specialists in each of their fields. This is where the money really goes up because the people working in this line of electrical work are experts at certain criteria the job requires them to understand.

For instance, 2E Electrical staff that deals in security camera installations know exactly which area around the property that needs to be covered to make sure any breaks ins or strange goings-on are caught on camera. An alarm expert will need to know exactly which windows and which positions alarm triggers and sensors need to be in order to be most effective. They also need to be able to achieve this according to their clients budget.

Check out 2E Electrical in New Zealand for more information on a company that deals with a wide range of electrical jobs required by the general public. This company employs a team of expert specialists in their field to offer residents and commercial property owners as well as tenants a complete all round service.


Water Expert Jobs

Water experts are also in demand professionals. This is especially true when it comes to drainage. Being able to know where and how to dig down to a problem area in a drainage system takes skill. Now, this is not exactly a well-paid job if you are working as a civil engineer in this department. That said, if someone brings this skill to a private company then their money can double.

As water shortages are regularly hitting the USA, Australia, New Zealand, the UK as well as many other parts of the world, water conservation experts are being called upon more regularly. Now, this is a job that all governments have available on their civil engineering employment roster. It was once ignored, and as it is not the most glamorous job out there, few people apply for this type of position.

However, today water conservationists are being paid a fortune. Check out NVE Wellington, which is a private company, for more information on water conservationist duties.


Other Civil Engineering Jobs

There are many other civil engineering jobs available, but these two are an example of some of the easiest trades to set up a business simply because as long as populations keep rising, the demand will never diminish. As a result, there are also plenty of jobs available in both sectors.

Of course, we cannot overlook building surveyor jobs, health and safety inspectors and other areas of construction and engineering such as road constriction and infrastructure. However, from experience, it is electricians and water experts, which the latter can lead to a well-paid job in plumbing, that are constantly in demand with the largest number of jobs and apprenticeships available.

With almost every country in the world recording a growing population, there will always be a need for water and electric. The number of new homes and apartment buildings being constructed to hold these rising populations is always going to be on the rise.

Adding to this, these people need groceries, clothes, and entertainment, which means more commercial construction of shops and entertainment facilities that will require the services of water experts and electricians to ply their trade.

Next, these people will need jobs, and this means more businesses, and those businesses need offices. That means further commercial properties need constructing. Once again, these properties will need water and electric.

Therefore, to conclude, both these trades are a surefire way to find gainful employment in an industry where demand for skilled labor will always be there.