Tips for Stronger Concrete

Concrete is durable and long-lasting as long as it’s taken care of. With the type of investment you will be making to have a concrete pour done, it’s worth noting that there are some things you can do to help care for your concrete in order to make it stronger and last longer overall. Here are a few tips to do so


One of the best ways to strengthen your concrete is by using rebar. Rebar is pretty light weight and can easily be meshed together to create a strong wireframe that the concrete can be poured over. Rebar gives the concrete slab extra strength and can help reduce cracks or crumbling, especially if there will be heavy weights on top of the pads such as trucks or other heavy equipment. Rebar is relatively inexpensive and is a worthwhile investment to help strengthen your concrete during the pouring phase.

Fill Cracks

After the concrete is poured, it’s important to fill in any joints with deep grouting Etobicoke ON services. These joint fillers are lightweight but also provide strength and flexibility to the concrete so as to reduce future cracking as well as giving it additional sturdiness. This type of grout is great for commercial type concrete pours that have a lot of vertical types of foundational pieces.

Water It

When your concrete is first poured, it’s important to start spraying water on it within 24 hours of pouring. You should continue to water the concrete as often as you can, 10-12 times per day, to keep the concrete moist. By keeping the concrete moist, it helps the chemical reactions inside of the concrete to keep happening which can make concrete up to 50% harder than if you didn’t keep water on it. A light mist will do as you don’t want to damager fresh concrete with high-pressure watering.