Safety Should Always be Your Top Priority on the Worksite

It is easy to become comfortable on the worksite. What at first seemed dangerous will eventually become just another part of your day. As you become more comfortable in dangerous situations, you will let your guard down. This can lead to accidents and injuries that could have easily been prevented. Take the time to periodically review safety procedures with your coworkers in order to keep everyone safe while working.

Wear Proper Clothing

Depending on where you work, there will be certain types of clothing you will be required to wear. Construction areas ask for specific articles of clothing in order to keep you safe. Steel toed boots can prevent many injuries. Sturdy work pants can add a layer of protection to your legs and will hold up over time. T-shirts are actually preferred in some locations because they lack buttons and zippers that can get caught on equipment. Basically, you need to use common sense when choosing your apparel.

Use the Right Equipment

The work site is no place to make due when it comes to tools and equipment. You might get away with using a screwdriver as a hammer at home, but it is a whole other ball game at work. If you don’t have the necessary equipment, speak to your supervisor. They should be making sure you are safe. For example, those working with the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico Interventions should have reliable rigging like that provided by PRT Offshore. Even safety items like cones and construction zone tape falls under the category of proper equipment. If it can prevent an injury, it is worth the time and cost.

Stay Visible

Making sure that everyone around you can see you allows both you and others to remain safely protected. High visibility clothing is extremely helpful for road crews, first responders, and anyone else that works outside or in poor lighting. These pieces are usually made from fabrics in bright yellows. This is an easily recognizable color, even from a distance. When high-risk clothing is combined with bright lights, safety increases. This is especially true in areas of heavy traffic.

Taking a few moments to review safety procedures periodically and making sure you are doing all you can to protect your self and others will keep everyone safe. Remind yourselves to wear the proper clothing, use the right equipment for the job, and keep yourself visible. If you do all of these things on a daily basis, you will be able to avoid many unnecessary accidents and injuries on the worksite.