Use Wrought Iron as a Decorating Accent

Iron Decorating Accent

Iron is one of the most important metals when considered from a historical perspective. It is extremely hard and strong, and it has a unique, rustic beauty. Naturally rusted iron has its own charm, as an addition to your garden or as a plant hanger. Wrought iron is crafted metal that has been made into a certain shape and has been a staple of American and European décor for hundreds of years. It has an elegance and durability that is hard to find with any other material. So, when looking for that perfect piece to compliment your home’s interior or exterior, take another look at the beauty and versatility of classic wrought iron. Extremely durable, resistant to wear and impact, wrought iron merges well into many different decorative themes and styles.

For Your Bathroom

Traditionally coated in black, wrought iron provides a nice contrast to porcelain, while also pairing well with steel, copper, and wood. Wrought iron handles and knobs come in a variety of shapes, finishes, and sizes to fit any cabinet or drawer, and they mix well with towel bars or rings. Modern production of functional wrought iron home products includes such items as wall mounted hair dryer holders and decorative electrical plate covers. For a striking statement, you could even install a wrought iron framed mirror or larger ornate shelving units.

For Your Kitchen

In addition to the aforementioned cabinet knobs and handles, which also are a great fit for the kitchen, you can find plenty of other accents and decorations that add the finishing touches to your perfect kitchen. For example, a wrought iron paper towel holder combined with a wine or spice rack would offer a timeless and cohesive look. Thanks to the versatility of wrought iron you can find designs to fit any decor ranging from rustic and country – to contemporary. A plain, undecorated piece can work well with today’s popular industrial interiors.

The Bedroom

For large bedrooms, placing a wrought iron nightstand or canopy bed into your space will make for a bold statement and look quite impressive. In smaller bedrooms where those large items would be too much, there are still plenty of ways wrought iron can be used to spruce up your room.

Wrought iron curtain rods provide an ageless quality to you windows. With the added strength and durability of these iron rods, any additional cost will be appreciated down the road. Available in traditional ball ends as well as many themed or decorative finials, you are sure to find a style to compliment any bedroom.

Beyond the House

Your yard and driveway are also great places to work wrought iron into your decor. Yard stakes, hose holders, flag holders, glass orb stands, and birdbaths can add some rustic flair to your home. There are also endless shapes and styles of wrought iron numbers and letters that can be added to your house. Add a wrought iron mailbox stand and the classic American prairie house look can be yours!

An easy and inexpensive ways to add to your home’s curb appeal is with a personalized house or lawn sign. Or try wrought iron plant hangers or hanging decorative pieces fir you porch or patio.

Finding Classic Ironwork

For the largest selection of wrought iron art and other iron goods, search online for artisans and home décor retailers. Beautiful and artistic iron work is available, and as an added bonus, many of these products are produced domestically. Find ornate wall hangings, fireplace covers, wood racks, shelving and much, much more. Make wrought iron the focal point of your living areas or simply add a few splashes here and there for more decorating depth in your home.