Dangers on the Construction Site

Construction Safety WearWhen you are exposed to any type of construction work, whether you are renovating your home or are in the business, safety should be the premiere concern. Construction sites are filled with danger and a common place for injuries so taking the right preventative measures will ensure the safety of all those concerned as well as the finishing of a project on time, safely and successfully.

1.       Make sure all employees and anyone that has access to the construction site wears proper protective materials. That includes hard hats, safety goggles, work boots, and proper attire. Make sure anyone that will be around the construction area is trained to look for dangers like loose nails, unsturdy ladders, and power tools. Construction sites are not playgrounds and children should not running around them without adult supervision.

2.       Debris and scattered materials can be the sneakiest forms of danger on a construction site. Make sure that the staff keeps the debris and trash to an absolute minimum and that everyone’s area is cleaned prior to leaving for lunch or for the day. Things like debris, loose wires, and garbage can lead to accidental injury even when people are not actually working.

3.     Protecting equipment will help keep it in the best condition for usage. Bad equipment creates a bad product as well as encroaching on the time a project takes to finish. Make sure tools and larger forms of equipment like bulldozers and cement trucks are updated and maintained. Exposed hoses are easy victims of construction site overlooking, but if they are ruined, it can prove time-consuming and disastrous to fix. Instead cover your hoses with a hose protector such as the ones seen on brahmansystems.com/. Having precarious equipment can put every person in the vicinity in danger at well as well as exposing you to liability.