How to Seal Your House and Save Energy

Window BlindsAt times it isn’t within our budget to be able to do a full upgrade since it can cost as much as $10,000. The following are the best steps to take if you need to pick and choose.

Step One:

Get your air exchanges sorted out. Your top priority needs to be the air exchanges. When it comes to making your home comfortable and saving money, you will get the most for your money if you reduce the outtake and intake. If you can’t afford to hire a contractor, there are many references that are available that can provide you with all of the information you need in order to do the work yourself. There are many publications available that focus on how the average person can make their own upgrades with materials that can be found easily at the local hardware store.

Step Two:

We recommend that after you have any air exchange issues taken care, clean your attic out. Clean the entire space out. Wipe all existing insulation away so that you are able to see the construction’s bare bones, especially the top part of the ceiling that is right underneath the your feet. When you can see what the situation is from overhead, it will help you spot any leakage points, whether those be through the vents, recessed lighting fixtures, gaps and so on. According to MadeBlinds, uncovered windows can also be a big problem.

After you have been able to pinpoint the trouble areas, make sure that you seal them up very tight. The key is to have more insulation. You put on your hat when it’s cold outside. It’s the same idea basically with your house. The new insulation should be one foot thick at least. It is partly done to seal the cracks up. Cellulose is a readily available, fast and green option that can used to pour over the ceiling without any problems.

Step Three:

Clean out the crawl spaces and basement. The third thing that everyone needs to be aware of is the crawl spaces and basement. Look for any leaks, gaps and cracks and fill these spaces with as much insulation as possible. Pay special attention to making sure that all of your air ducts are sealed up. There is a readily available sealant called Dust-mastic that is a paint-like consistency. You can brush it on all your ducts joints. In addition, there are many companies all over the country that provide this service and will come to your house and do it. Another great way of reducing your energy costs is pipe insulation. Just doing the three steps above, can reduce your energy costs by as much as 30% and will only cost you around $1,000.

We have worked in this business for decades. Our suggestion is that in the long-run making these alterations can be an excellent way to save money. However, what a majority of people are ultimately looking for is that comfortable level that will maximize the enjoyment of those living in and visiting their homes.

These upgrades can make a phenomenal change in how the space is experienced. Not only can you recover areas in your home that were previously dead to you, but you might even discover several new cozy areas to enjoy!