Bring light into your night

Exterior LightingThe key to having a spectacular garden is to carefully plan the exterior lighting. You may work hard to make your garden a piece of art with flowers, plants, decorative sculptures or even fountains. And, in the daytime, the view of you garden may take your visitors’ breath away. But all that hard work becomes in vain at night if you don’t have the right outdoor lightning and if you don’t know how to place it. Luckily for you, here are some tips that will help you have a fairytale garden with just a minimum of effort.

Firstly, in order to plan your exterior lighting, what you need to do is stroll through your garden at night while imagining how you want to use each space and what you want to emphasize. Envision your perfect garden and the picture in your head will come to life after a simple shopping session on eDezeen, one of the most appreciated suppliers of luxury furniture and accessories.

You should know that there are three layers of lighting you need to use, for each has a particular function. The overall light you use in order to enlighten the whole place in a discreet veil of light that is also very accommodating for your eyes at night. Then, you should use the task light in order to illuminate the paths or the gazebo. Now, for a complete masterpiece, use accent light to emphasize certain objects like rare flowers or sculptures.

The positioning of your lights is also important because you have to take into consideration shadows and reflections. You want your lighting to be discrete and to emphasize the beauty of your garden, not to blind your visitors. You also have to take into consideration matters like which type of lighting you use, how intense you need it to be and how to best highlight the spectacular accents of your garden.

This may seem hard for somebody who hasn’t got design or architectural studies. Thankfully, at eDezeen you can have access to the expertise of an architect. By visiting Edezeen, you will find a collection of exterior lighting from prestigious brands like Gandia Blasco, Casamania, Vondom, Faro, Pan International, Jacco Maris, Tribù, IP44, Kreon, Cattelan Italia or Lucente Poomlighting. With exclusive modern, futuristic or classical designs, extremely qualitative and elegant, the exterior lighting items provided by eDezeen are masterpieces brought to you by the most exclusive and prestigious brands. And if you find yourself lost among all those spectacular lamps, you can always ask for the expertise of an eDezeen architect who will offer you a range of ideas and recommendations. The eDezeen team will also help you find a certain item that you liked and that you want in your home or you can order custom-made products.

eDezeen combines the passion for interior design with the desire to offer the best products and services. The company offers a large variety of products for office buildings, homes, and residential projects that covers all the necessities of an architect, builder or interior designer, including excellent lighting solutions.

Bring light into your garden and watch it transform into a living fairytale.