A Brief Study Of Die Cast Technology: Process and Advantages

Die Casting TechnologyDie casting is a process in which engineered metal parts are forced under high pressure into reusable mold cavities. These molds are known as Dies, that are designed to produce desired and complex metal shapes with a high degree of accuracy. This technique is a good replacement for plastic molded parts as they are much cheaper and lighter. Die casting parts are sharply defined, with smooth surfaces, and are suitable for providing a wide variety of attractive and serviceable finishes. It is done by using a cold chamber or hot chamber process. This technique is widely used in the manufacturing of various products related to metalworking, ranging from automobilesto toys.

Die casting Process

In the first step, the molten metal is injected under high pressure into steel cavities, known as die. Dies consist of two part molds made of alloy tool steel. The first part is the fixer die half and the other is the ejector die half. The size of the machines ranges from 400 tons to 4000 tons.

The die is then fabricated with the impression of the casting component . There are four types of dies:

  • Single cavity
  • Multiple cavity
  • Unit die
  • Combinations die

The pressure is then maintained on the mold to solidify the hotel metal. Once the metal becomes hard, the die is opened to remove the casting. It helps in producing a smooth and high quality casting. The process is rather simple if you do it correctly.

The two methods used in the die casting process are hot chamber and cold chamber. A cycle of die casting may vary from less than one second to two-to-three minutes, depending upon the size and weight of the component that is to be casted. It is considered to be the fastest technique to produce non- ferrous metal parts.

Advantages of Die Casting

The technique of Die Casting provides a huge range of shapes and sizes of metal components. It is an efficient method to produce high quality molded metals in huge quantity, and less time. Die parts are durable and have long service life. Moreover, it can be easily done and made available at economical prices.

It is an efficient tool for metal designers and designers to enhance the visual appeal of the product.

Die casting technique provides high speed quality product in less than a minute. The designers can get any kind of complex shapes and designs with accuracy and repeatability. It also has a closer tolerance than any other production processes.

It ensures accuracy and stability even after repeated cycles of process. The information and design had to be fed just once to get repeated and stable dimensions. Die parts are heat resistant and can work under any amount of heat pressure.

Die casting China parts are stronger than plastic molded components. The parts are manufactured without any welding or fastening to bind them together, that automatically adds to the strength as compared to the joining process.

Die cast companies like Pa-International.com.au comprise of multiple finishing techniques. They can produce smooth, easily plated textured surface with a minimum preparation