The Best Fencing Ideas for Today’s Yard

Styles change with every decade and century and even year, and they don’t just apply to fashion. The changes you make to your yard’s landscaping can be just as chic and “in,” so there’s no reason not to consider the design of your fence before installing it. Here’s some of the top modern designs for fencing that can really spruce up your backyard and increase the appeal of your landscaping.

Slatted Fences

You can use beautiful cedar wood or sleek black metal for this style of fence. The slats provide more privacy than the normal fence, while still letting in the light. Slatted fences are something of a modern rage that add a classy finish to any landscape.

Bamboo Fences

If you want to go for a totally unique look, try a bamboo fence! These fences are all about aesthetic, as they are gorgeous and make a powerful statement about your tastes. They go exceptionally well with a yard that has a garden. Consider contacting a fence company Salem OR to see if they have a bamboo option.

Gabion Fences

The gabion design has been around for a very long time, but it still has its appeal for many people. Built of loose stone encased in a metal mesh or netting, gabion fences are as sturdy as fences get. Use them to make a statement by creating elaborate designs with the stones.

Metal Sheet Fences

If you want to go simple, a metal sheet might be the choice for you. With grooves to provide an engaging 3D appearance, metal sheet fences are great for privacy. They can come in just about any size and height, and they’re incredibly affordable and easy to install.

These are just a few possible fencing options for this year. Consider looking up more to see what style fits your yard best.