Don’t Underestimate the Benefits of Rattan Furniture

Furnishing your home is probably the easiest way to not only make it more appealing to guests, but to create a comfortable living environment for yourself as well. Personal preference and price, of course, will take precedence when you first start to look into home furniture. There is a vast selection of furniture available with options ranging from wood and steel to fabric, leather and even glass.

However, many homeowners pay little or no attention to this type of furniture because they underestimate the benefits of rattan and tend to dismiss it as a low end option for furnishing your home. But this is not the case. Today, rattan furniture is enjoying a comeback in the stylish and chic circles of interior design and there are many reasons why this is so.

What sort of furniture material is rattan?

Rattan is a natural ingredient that can be used for both indoor and outdoor furniture. It is similar to bamboo but is much more durable and is a solid wood, not hollow like bamboo, which makes it stronger. Rattan is also a very versatile material and can be used to manufacture all kinds of furniture. As with other woods, rattan accepts stain and varnish and so can be coloured from light to dark and everything in between. When compared to other materials, rattan is very low maintenance yet lasts for an amazing amount of time. Other natural furniture materials must be treated with oil and other preservatives. With rattan, all you should do is dust the pieces with a brush and they will look like new again.

Rattan Decor

Rattan is high quality furniture

How affordable is rattan furniture?

There are many criteria homeowners have when selecting the type of furniture to buy. Most people, especially those who are operating on a small budget, base their decision on price. Rattan furniture is extremely economical and cost effective. It is much cheaper than wood and lasts almost just as long. It’s definitely the right choice if you are looking for durability and uniqueness at an affordable price.

How durable is rattan furniture?

It is strong and resilient yet is also flexible due to the lengthwise-running fibres that make up its vines. As a result, it can be woven, twisted and bent into durable furniture pieces. As a result, rattan furniture is sturdy enough to be used indoors or outdoors on a regular basis without showing wear. Such is the durability of rattan that it is used to make all sorts of furniture from chairs and coffee tables to beds, dining tables and sofa sets. Rattan furniture is also good choice for families with little children as it is durable enough to withstand all sorts of play.

Is rattan stylish?

Rattan furniture was once the main stead of conservatories and garden patio areas all around the world. However, that has all changed now. Nowadays, it combines both traditional and contemporary styles and can fit anywhere in your house. They may look quite simple and classic or stylish and modern depending upon your tastes and preferences. With the addition of some colourful cushions, they can emanate unique charm and finesse. As a result, rattan furniture can slot into any style of room from a contemporary bathroom to a retro kitchen!

Rattan comes in many different styles


This type of furniture can be used in almost any home and in a wide variety of settings such as an office or waiting room. However, as we become a more budget-conscious society, our focus has shifted to good quality and style at an affordable price – something which rattan furniture offers. As a result, the popularity of rattan furniture is on the rise. Flick through any interior design magazine or walk through any show house and you will see rattan furniture more and more. Don’t be left behind – don’t underestimate the benefits of rattan furniture!

Image credits: Wickerfurniture and Wickerfurniture