Under The Tent

If you have a special event planned but don’t want to rent a building, then consider renting a tent. It’s often less expensive, and you can usually set up the tent, tables, and chairs in your own backyard. Before securing a clear span tent rental, you should think about the type of event that you’re going to hold and the number of people who will be invited so that you get a tent that is large enough to provide shelter for everyone.

One reason why you might want to rent a tent is to create space for an event and to offer various sections for guests. You can easily place dividers underneath the tent to mark each area of a wedding party, birthday, or an event for a fundraiser among other ideas. An idea would be to create a dance floor under one section of the tent and an area where a band can play under another. If you’re using the tent for a wedding ceremony and reception, then you can put tables under one area for guests to sit at during the reception and rows of chairs in an area so that guests know where to sit for the actual ceremony.

When you use a clear tent or even one that is white, you have a blank slate to work with when it comes to decorating and the colors that you use. Hang lights from the ceiling of the tent or around the perimeter. There are also options of using drapes on the sides of the tent to create an enclosed area, similar to a building but without spending as much money. Since tents are in all sizes, it’s easy to position two or three together or get one large one to suit the needs that you have, such as a backyard BBQ or a corporate event.