Tips For Selling Your House

selling homeToday, in this buyer’s market, it is essential that your house is presented in the best possible light for a quick sale.  No home owner wants their house to languish on the market; home owners want a quick sale at the fair market value.  In order for your home to draw the attention and interest of potential buyers today, your home needs to be clean, organized, free from clutter, and have a warm and welcoming feel; make cleaning including window cleaning your highest priority.  Below are a few tips to help you sell your house quickly and for the going local marketing rate.

Make Sure Your House Is Free From Clutter

Home buyers today have more homes to choose from.  One of the consistent complaints that realtors hear after showing a home, is that it is too small.   You can have a large home, but if every nook and crannie and every closet is over flowing with clutter, your home will appear to be small and will raise concerns with those viewing your home that it lacks the necessary storage for organization.  A house filled with stuff including books, papers, and excess personal items and furniture does not sell well.

Make Sure Your House Is Light And Bright

People today want to live in bright and light homes.  No one wants to live in a dark cave.  Before showing your home, make sure that you have all of your lights on and that you open your drapes and curtains to allow the natural light to fill the space.  Of course, when you open the drapes, dirty windows will be highlighted.  Make sure that you make window cleaning a priority prior to showing your home for the best results. You can add a mirror to allow natural light to bounce around the room creating more space and adding light.

Make Sure Your House Is Clean

Home buyers today expect homes to be free from clutter, and that the walls, floors, and other surfaces be clean and fresh.  Take special care in kitchens and bathrooms as home buyers tend to spend the majority of their time viewing these spaces.  It is essential that window cleaning be done on a regular basis to ensure that finger prints, dirt, and dog nose prints are not visible.

To sell your home quickly following the steps above and remember that home buyers today are looking for homes that are clean and fresh; window cleaning is essential.

This article was written by Mark Hall a home improvement expert who works for