Water Features And Fountains In Your Garden

Many people wonder if they should get a water feature for their gardens. It is a valid question that you have to ask yourself. Adding a fountain or other water feature is a big job and you have to make sure that you plan it carefully. Water features can add a lot to your garden and make it a more enjoyable place to spend your time. They add another dimension to your garden. With a water feature you get stone, earth, and water elements in your garden and if you add a fire pit, you also get the fire element. The sound of the water is relaxing and sets a great mood for your garden.

Traditional Garden Fountains

The classic garden fountain is both timeless and stylish. The classic fountain has a recognizable style, with topiaries and familiar shapes. This is the type of fountain that you expect to see in a garden. While a classic fountain is an investment, it makes a stunning focal piece for your garden. The fountain is one of the first things people will notice when they visit your garden.

Water Features That Mount On The Wall

A wall mounted water feature is perfect for smaller gardens as it doesn’t take up much space, but still makes an impact. Wall mounted water features are also more affordable than the classic fountains. This type of water feature comes in many different styles.

Submerged Water Fountains

According to Soothing Walls, if you don’t want a large water fountain that takes up space and you don’t want to mount a water fountain on the wall, a submerged fountain could be your best bed. These fountains deliver a relaxing flow of water and water your plants at the same time. If you get a submerged fountain, be careful not to overwater your plants.

Small Garden Water Features

Just because you have a small garden, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fountain. Compact water features are affordable and they work great in patios and other enclosed spaces. These eco-friendly fountains are portable and the pumping system can be used in different places. These fountains will deliver a relaxing flow of water.

Add A Shower To Your Garden

Garden showers are one of the most versatile water features you can buy since they have multiple purposes. They can blend into many spaces of your garden. Try installing the shower into a raised bed. It will look spectacular when it is turned on and when it is turned off you won’t notice it. A garden shower adds a natural look to your garden.

A water fountain can be a great addition to the home as it can look great, make the garden a more enjoyable place and add value to the home.