4 Tips for Remodeling Your Farmhouse

Do you have a crumbling farmhouse that needs a lot of work? Or maybe you have a perfectly lovely building that could use a little TLC to bring it to its fullest potential. Whatever your reasons for considering a remodel, here are just a few tips for turning any country property into a gorgeous, turn-of-the-century farmhouse.

1. Consider Your Theme

“Rustic” isn’t really a theme. It can be a good starting point, but it’s too vague for decorating an entire farmhouse. Try to narrow down your theme into something more specific. For example, you might choose a red-and-gold color palette, or you might decide that all of your furniture will have wicker accents.

2. Improve Your Lighting

You can have the most amazing interior design in the world, but if no one can actually see it, it’ll be wasted on your guests. Make sure that your farmhouse lighting is up to date. Whether you’re thinking about elaborate clerestory windows or simple sconces to flank your front doors, you’ll want to take your time with your lights.

3. Upgrade Your Flooring

Most farmhouses have hardwood floors to give them a rustic, cabin-like look. However, you’ll have plenty of chances to make yours stand out from the crowd. For example, you can choose from different types of timber depending on the aesthetic that you want, or you can order custom farmhouse hardwood floors for an entirely one-of-a-kind appearance. The choice is yours!

4. Remain Practical

If your farmhouse is actually connected to a farm, you’ll want it to accommodate your work. This might mean extra rooms for tool storage; it might mean floors that are protected from your work boots. Don’t forget about the practicalities of your home as you put together blueprints for your renovation.

These are just a few tips for refreshing or remodeling your farmhouse. Whether you’re thinking about minor changes or a full-scale transformation, it’s important to have a plan of action before you start swinging around your hammer. You’ll want your finished product to look just like your dreams!