Selling Your House: Add Value To Your Property First

Today, with so many beautiful houses on the market, it is essential that your property stands out from the crowd. Otherwise, you have very little chance of selling it, let alone making a good profit.

If you are considering moving, but aren’t in too much of a rush, consider adding some value to your property with these ideas:

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Build an extension

It’s amazing how much the value of your property can increase by just adding on a couple of extra rooms. When well designed, adding an extension to your property can increase its value significantly.

If you opt to add an extension to increase the amount of bedrooms your property has, the value will increase even more. The more bedrooms you have, the more money your home is worth.

Convert your loft

If adding an extension to your property isn’t a possibility, then consider a loft conversion instead. By transforming an unused space into an extra bedroom or living area, you can add a significant amount of value to your property.

According to statistics, by having a loft conversion you can increase your property’s value by a good 15 percent. That’s quite a bit of money, and is definitely worth considering.

Bathroom revamp

For many buyers, an old or run down bathroom can be a major turn off, because they see it as an expensive job.

However, revamping an old bathroom can be done with a relatively small budget, and can add a good amount of value. A bathroom re-design doesn’t have to cost too much, you can contact to find a contractor and get a quote.

New kitchen

While having a new kitchen fitted can be expensive, the value it adds to the property can make it worthwhile. For many buyers, the kitchen is an important room, and one that if run down, can put them off buying.

If you decide to revamp your kitchen, just make sure to bear in mind that a kitchen should be a multi-functional space. Today, many families aim to use their kitchens as family spaces, so it is crucial that any kitchen revamp takes this into account.

Get a new boiler

If the boiler is old or on the blink, look into having it replaced with a new, energy efficient alternative. Adding a new boiler to your property can add a couple of thousand onto the price of your property.

While some buyers may not care about an old boiler, for others it could be the deciding factor. Each buyer has their hot points, and for some, the boiler is one of them.

Add a downstairs bathroom

It might be a little pricey to do, but many buyers love properties with downstairs bathrooms. When a house has a downstairs bathroom, it is seen as being a much more functional space, and so is more popular with buyers. Especially, with buyers who have young families.

If you are thinking about selling your home, it is important that before you do, you consider all the ways you can add value to the property.