The grass is always greener inside the driveway gates

Driveway Gate

As the better weather rolls in, many of you will be gazing out of the window at your gardens thinking the time has come to get outside and get it sorted. There’s a sense of achievement after the first mow of the year as you step back and admire your handiwork – you haven’t lost your green fingers over the winter months! So the hedges are tamed, the verge has been trimmed and your freshly planted posies are coming on nicely, but how can you take your garden to the next level?

One addition to properties that has been growing in popularity over the past few years is electric driveway gates. This technology once reserved for mansions and private estates is becoming increasingly affordable and feasible for the everyday home and can be introduced as a stylish piece of design that is both functional and a feature in your garden’s landscape.

Driveway gates from Ansador can be made to any design you wish and all of our driveway gates are custom built, meaning they seamlessly fit into whatever space you have available. Our wooden driveway gates are constructed from either Iroko or Oak and can be finished in various shades, whilst our metal driveway gates are built using strong, lightweight steel which is galvanised to provide long-lasting quality. If you don’t already have the picture of your ideal driveway gate in mind then don’t worry, we have a number of standard designs that will suit most entrances or a member of the Ansador team will be happy to help through the design of the gate that will complement your home perfectly.

One important factor to consider when designing your driveway gates is the function of the gates. If the gates are to be purely decorative then an intricately designed wrought iron gate may be for you, in which case the design possibilities are endless. However, if you are also considering installing driveway gates for the added privacy they provide then perhaps a close boarded wooden gate would be more suitable. This style of driveway gate guarantees that nobody can peek through into your property, giving you greater peace of mind.

It’s also important to consider how your electric gates will operate. Our electric gates open and close in two different ways: swinging and sliding. The two most important factors in making this decision are the availability of space around the gates and whether the gates will be situated on a slope. Again, our trained surveyors can be on hand to discuss the options with you and provide advice on the best driveway gates solution to meet your requirements.

Electric driveway gates provide a property with a touch of class and quality whilst increasing privacy and security. Why not treat both you and your garden to Ansador driveway gates this year?