Method Statement of Waterproofing for Potable Water Tank

Potable Water Tank with Sikatop Seal 107This is the Method statement for waterproofing coating to Potable Drinking water tank using Sikatop Seal 107 – a Sika’s product.

Scope of work

Applicable  for Drinking water tank, waterproofing solution by coating and jointing.

Advantages of waterproofing using Sikatop Seal 107

  • Easy to apply by brush
  • Approved to be in contact with drinking water
  • No water required
  • Fast mixing
  • Very good adhesion


Sikatop Seal 107  is cementious base, 2-component polymer modified waterproofing slurry. It applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration.

Steps of Application

1. Concrete, mortar surfaces must be clean, free from grease, oil and loosely adhering particles. If a rendering/levelling/slope making mortar is required, it shall be applied to the concrete with a bonding bridge (e.g. Sika Latex  diluted 1:1 with water and mixed with cement) and it shall be cured properly.

2. Prior to Sikatop Seal 107 application, surfaces should be saturated thoroughly but no standing water.

3. Mixing Sikatop-Seal 107: Mix in a clean container by slowly adding the powder component to the liquid component and stir with slow speed electric mixer

4. Apply the first coat of Sikatop- Seal 107 by using brush or trowel. The rate of application 2 kg/m2/coat.

5. Following the curing of the first coat (after 4 h), apply the second coat using by trowel or brush.

6. Following the curing of the 2nd coat (after 24 h), fix the tile with suitable tile adhesive.

Consumption of Sikatop Seal 107

Dependent on the substrate roughness, surface profile and thickness of the layer applied, but as a guide, ~ 2.0 kg / m2 / mm (excluding allowances for loss wastage, surface profile and porosity, etc.).


Test Reports and certificates available for Sikatop Seal 107.

  • Bonding strength to concrete by Authorized Labs.
  • Health safety by Pasteur Institute
  • Waterproofing ability

Technical Data sheet (TDS)

TDS of Sikatop Seal 107 in pdf format can be downloaded from Sika website.