Concrete Contractor of Orlando

Concrete contractor in OrlandoConcrete contractors are the building blocks for this nations development. Concrete is used twice as much than any other building material and about 70% of the world lives in concrete structures.

In areas like Orlando Florida it is a superior choice since it can withstand high winds from flying debris and storm surge. Applications include the following: Parking lots, driveways, loading zones, ada ramps, and more.

Concrete Contractor Responsibilities

1. Meet Specifications
The concrete contractor should discuss in detail all of the client’s specifications involved within the project.

2. Select Materials
The concrete contractor must make accurate calculations of quantities needed in each order. The type of cement needed for strength, durability, color, and application must meet client demands.

3. Project Planning
Planning is a major aspect of any concrete construction job. The concrete contractor should have a clearly outlined plan of action. The weather, access of construction site, travel routes, and daily business operations all must be accounted for.

Some details on concrete contractor responsibilities.

What to look for in a concrete contractor?

Reputation and knowledgeable staff are important factors when considering a concrete contractor. A company like Asphalt 365 has hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the Central Florida area because they do business the right way. Asphalt 365 strives to provide superior quality and workmanship at fair prices. The company is operated by a strong team of motivated and experienced concrete contractor professionals.

Commercial Services Include

  • Concrete Driveway & Walkway Installation
  • Concrete Parking Lot & Roadway Construction
  • Concrete Stairs, Terraces & Water Feature Construction
  • Concrete Repair – Cracks, Chips & Wash Out Damage
  • Concrete Design Services
  • Driveway, Walkway Demolition & Replacement
  • New Construction – Commercial & Industrial
  • Concrete Curb Design, Installation & Repair
  • Concrete Driveway Drainage Remediation

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