60V Power Tools – a Contractor’s Dream

We’ve watched as cordless power tools have increased their voltage and their runtime significantly over the decades. In the 1960s, power tools relied on 4.8 V batteries. We saw that increase to 9.6V during the 1980s and then 18V in the early 2000s. Today, we’ve jumped far ahead of the limitations of those tools with 60V batteries. That’s much closer to the voltage you would expect when you use a wired power tool.

Do you need a drill for building a coffee table at home? Maybe you want to cut a piece of drywall for the bathroom. If so, then these high-voltage tools may not be for you. Are you a hard-working contractor who needs the toughest, hardest working tools for the job? Then you are absolutely who would benefit from the use of these 60V marvels. Like the ones designed by Durofix, a company that set out to create powerful tools in this category.

60V power tools are setting a standard that they’ll likely be holding up for at least a decade or two. And Durofix has positioned itself as one of the leaders in the 60V power tool industry. But what makes them such a great brand?

Durofix Builds 60V Tools That Make Work Easier

Being a hard worker doesn’t mean every single task needs to be difficult. We all want to work smarter, which means less time drilling into masonry or trying to that angle polisher to finish its job. One way to make a job easier is by leaving the 18V and 20V batteries at home with the DIY crew and bringing the high wattage to work. Durofix makes tools specifically for this purpose. They know that if you can get the job done faster and better using their tools, then you’re going to keep coming back for more.

By relying on 60V batteries, Durofix power tools can significantly reduce the current pulled by the motor. The first thing you’ll notice when the current is reduced is that the tool doesn’t overheat nearly as much. Some Durofix power tools cool down to temperatures 50 degrees Fahrenheit lower than the 20V variations sold by competitors.

Durofix Designs Benefit From More Than Just A Strong Battery

These aren’t the only tools on the market that can use 60V batteries, but they are undoubtedly the best. You could take a similar tool from a competitor and even if it could be powered by a 60V battery it wouldn’t deliver the same results in terms of cooling, energy efficiency, and runtime. That’s because Durofix power tools have added design features that specifically complement the bonuses of the 60V battery.

For example, all brushless motors used on their power tools are designed and manufactured by Durofix. They are designed to avoid sparking, to properly transfer energy, and are placed in a way that generates cooling airflow during operation. Once again, they avoid overheating the tool which increases the lifespan of the motor, the battery, and just about every component in between.

Superior Tools for Superior Workers

We’ve only brushed the surface of what makes Durofix the leader in the 60V power tool industry. Other considerations include added safety features, noise reduction, and vibration control. They understand what it means to spend hours outside holding an unruly power tool. They may not be able to make your job a cakewalk but they can certainly make it a little easier and a little safer.