Repair and Maintenance of Resin Based Floors

1. General of repairing and maintenance Industrial Floors

Industrial Floor MaintenanceIndustrial floors, types of contamination, requirements on hygiene standards etc. will vary according to the branch of industry. The food processing industry, for example, has difference floors and types of contamination than are found in the metalworking industry of exhibitions.

Even within a particular branch of industry there are a number of different applications which require various cleaning methods.

The size of surface area is normally the deciding factor in whether cleaning is performed manually or by machine.

2. Floor Cleaning and Subsequent Maintenance

To ensure that your flooring system stays in the best of shape and give you years if satisfaction, the correct cleaning and maintenance schedule should be used.

When first installed and fully cured your floor should be cleaned with an appropriate floor cleaner using the most suitable equipment for the area concerned.

3. The cleaning methods applied are influenced by:

  • the nature of that particular industry
  • use within such a branch of industry
  • the size of the area to be cleaned
  • the conditions of industrial floor
  • types of contamination
  • the level of contamination
  • the accessibility of the area to be cleaned
  • the hygiene requirements

4. Cleaning agents for industrial floors

The choice of cleaner d cleaning  method depend primarily on the nature of the contamination.

Essentially, all alkaline cleaning agents are suitable regardless of whether they are sodium or potassium hydroxide-based.

Tensides and hypochloride additives do not normally have any negative effect on industrial systems.

To remove lime blast, salic acid or acetic acid (max. 10%) can be  used, for instance. However, subsequent rinsing with clear water is essential.

High concentrations of cleaning agent, e.g ammonia solution of of nitric acid, can lead to to turbidity or discoloration in the floor, but without attacking it.

Methacrylic system react sensitively to alcohols. Caution must also be exercised with all organic solvents. Aromatic and halogenized hydrocarbons must not be used.

5. Floor Cleaning Equipment

Combination scrub-and-pick-up machines are increasingly being used in the web cleaning of large areas.

Scrub-and-pick-up machines can be differentiated into:

  • Ride-on machines
  • Put-along machines

Care must be taken with edges and at joints of the floor.