Looking to Buy Oil Paintings Online? 1st Art Wants You to Order Art Risk-Free

The biggest concern of buying art online? Browsing on portals like Amazon and checking those complaints, you will find most of the complaints center on one point: you don’t receive what you see. Sometimes the size doesn’t feel as big as it’s listed on the webpage, sometimes the painting, clearly done as another version different from what’s promised by the product images and description. Sometimes it’s the frame, the product pictures show a frame but what you receive is an artwork rolled in a tube, which costs you extra hours and money to have it framed. Sometimes even worse, the art is machine printed instead of being hand painted.

The problem is: while a handmade oil painting is unique each time, an image is not. An image, a one-time thing on a webpage, can’t stand for all the paintings to be reproduced upon it. But subconsciously, a customer thinks what’s received is exactly the one shown by one of those images. Not to say some images are processed in software like Photoshop. It’s easy with Photoshop to put a painting above a nice sofa, for example. But the ratio? You receive the final product, just to find it’s too small when it’s put on a real sofa. These are images for effects instead of facts.

Here’s the problem 1st Art wants to solve: you buy what you see.

Probably the first such art seller online, 1st Art offers double insurance to make sure you order or customize art risk-free. 1st Art promises a high-resolution preview before shipment, to which you confirm to ship it, or point out flaws for fix, or ask for a refund in case you lose hope. On top of this, you are guaranteed money back upon 30 days of receipt, not 50% of the product cost but a 100% refund.

It’s the premium quality orientation and independent artists instead of factory art workers to work with that enable 1st Art to stay at the top of oil painting pre-order industry. Normally, a seller is reluctant to offer preview. On the one hand, the difference between the product images and the real product may be huge. On the other hand, it’s next to impossible for art workers to fix them for better, or the art seller may be just a seller that sells products, not involving in reproducing art themselves.

“Handmade artworks are not cheap products. People who order them usually have emotions attached when they decide to make a purchase. A zero-risk promise is only what should be done, especially in a world machine made prints are eating away at the market share of traditionally handmade oil paintings.” As said by 1st Art’s Marketing Manager Monica.

Title: Looking to Buy Oil Paintings Online? 1st Art Wants You to Order Art Risk-Free

Summary: 1st Art Wants You to Buy Premium Handmade Oil Painting Reproductions Risk-Free, backed by both a high-resolution preview before shipment and 30-day money back guarantee.

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Full Name: Monica Lee

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