3 Things To Have Evaluated Before You Buy a Home

A home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your life. Because of that, you want to ensure that you know what you’re buying and aren’t hit with any huge surprises after you move in. While you should always have a home inspection done, the inspector won’t always catch everything. Here are some things you should always have looked at before you buy a home.

1. The Roof

Roofing issues can be hard to diagnose if the person looking isn’t a roofing professional. An inspector will obviously see any missing or damaged shingles or flashing that has pulled away, but they won’t diagnose problems beyond that. Additionally, an inspector usually bases their findings almost entirely on how the roof looks visually, and, as anyone can tell you, looks can be deceiving. Because roofing repairs can easily cost thousands of dollars, you want to have a professional look at it before you finalize the purchase of the home. That way, you know what concessions you can ask for from the seller or request a reduction in the purchase price.

2. The Well

If the home you’re buying will get its water from a well, then you want to have it inspected before you buy the home. It would be catastrophic if you moved into the home, only to realize that there wasn’t enough water in the well to sustain your family or the mineral levels were so high that the water was unsafe to use. Doing well Testing Fort Myers before you buy the home can save you thousands of dollars in costs in having a new water source found, the well dug, and the pump moved.

3. The Foundation

Foundation issues can be a nightmare to deal with and can cost a great deal of money, depending on how bad they are. While you can sometimes notice a sloping floor or cracks in the walls to see that there are issues with a foundation, other times, it’s not so obvious. Avoid the headache and additional costs by having the foundation inspected ahead of time.