Tips for choosing the right excavator attachments

Excavator equipment that is manufactured currently is more powerful, durable, and productive. To keep up with its continued popularity, various equipment manufacturers have introduced new models that are tailored to perform specific functions that can suit you.

Supposing you want to purchase excavator equipment in the current economy, you need to consider the equipment that is very versatile to use for several functions. Couplers and attachments are one way to accomplish multiple tasks using a single machine, which may increase productivity and reduce operating expenses. Here are tips from to help you choose the correct excavator attachments.

Get information before you go

Before you go to buy equipment at your local dealership, it would be best if you consult the attachment expert with all the relevant information about your machine so that they may provide you with solid recommendations. The information you can provide includes the type of material you will be working in and the cycle time requirements. Additionally, know your machine model number, tipping load, counterweight size, configuration, lift/weight capacities, and other essential information. You can also note each of your machine’s optional, retrofit, or specialized features such as tires, engine, changes to hydraulics, and more.

Match the attachment configuration to your machine

Equipment manufacturers offer tools in multiple configurations. Direct drive or planetary drive augers, for instance, are existing for standard hydraulic flow machines. These configurations can help you maximize the capabilities of hydraulic circuits in applications that perform medium duties. On the other hand, a high-flow planetary driven auger will be suitable for extreme-duty applications when used on a high-flow hydraulic machine.

Look into the flow specifications for the hydraulic circuit

Hydraulics not only enables lifting and tilting, but also provides power to the ground and runs the auxiliary circuit that drives attachments. Different manufacturers have different criteria for standard flow and high flow. Therefore, it is essential to know and understand what you require and how your machine is equipped. Typically, high flow circuits will exceed 26 gallons per minute, and the standard flow machine is 22 gallons per minute.

Consider a quick coupler for easy and fast attachment changes

Quick couplers can allow you to change your machine buckets or attachments from the cab. These types of equipment are ideal for boosting your productivity. For instance, you can consider a couple that moves from one task to the other without a problem, or you can change bucket sizes and switch to other attachments in a matter of seconds without needing to leave the cab or one that can pick the buckets in reverse position to squire up corners and clean out then turn them back around for digging.

Not sure what you need, consult your dealer

Supposing you are unsure what type of equipment you need, it would be best to consult with your dealer. They will help you get the best attachment options that will suit your operations. They will also help you find new ways to configure your machine to utilize more attachments by increasing the size of the counterweight or using a stick combination and a different boom.