Sika EpoCem on green and damp Concrete as moisture barrier for epoxy flooring

Sikafloor 81 Epocem Mixing Process

For the client, a major objective in any project is to reduce the construction period. Whether it is a new construction, conversion or refurbishment, economics demand that production starts as soon as possible. This means that the time required and the time available for programming needs to be clearly defined at the earliest stage.

Only systems which meet the following requirements  should be specified:

  • Immediate coating of fresh/green cementitious substrates even if they have high surface alkalinity or high moisture content
  • Rapid installation of the complete system, with short intercoat waiting times between the various operations
  • Fast top coat curing, to allow traffic as quickly as possible Sika EpoCem technology prevents and overcomes coating failures related to fresh and damp concrete.

Sika EpoCem technology prevents and overcomes coating failures related to fresh and damp concrete.

When coating cementitious substrates with reactive resins, the substrate moisture content must not exceed 4% (test method:SikaTramex or CM). The consequence of non-compliance is coating failures. Initial damages generally appear after a very short time with further successive phases developing the full extent of the  damage. This failure, known as “osmotic blistering”,must not occur !

Construction Time does not always agree with  the Client’s Time Scale.

The Solution against Blistering and Delays

Simultaneously, a Migration or Concentration of the pure Resin Proportion on the Coating Surface takes Place. This is assisted by the Consistent and uniform Settlement Behaviour of the EpoCem Aggregates.

An integral curing action of the system (provided by the resin-enriched mortar surface) prevents excessive drying out or shrinkage.

Increased heat generation caused by accelerated hydration also promotes physical drying of the system. The continuous cement matrix formation, accompanied by penetration of the epoxy structure by cement hydration/crystallisation, increases the strength development!

Time and Money Saving!

  • For cementitious floors with damaged or missing waterproof membrane
  • No waiting time on fresh concrete
  • No blisters when coating damp concrete
  • Coatable with liquid-proof coatings
  • Adjustable site-related thickness layers
  • Temporary Moisture Barrier on Green or Damp Concrete Slab and Screed

Below is a Video Clip of Sikafloor 81 Epocem Mixing Process