Top Jobs To Prioritize at Your Factory

No matter how careful of a planner you are, your factory is always busy, with employees running everywhere trying to keep your machines operational. In the chaos of managing your factory, it’s easy to let maintenance tasks slip through the cracks. Even in your busiest weeks, though, make sure to keep up with these critical jobs.

Filter Care

Most of your machines that involve an air supply rely on filters to keep their interiors free from dust and other particulates. Follow your manufacturer’s instructions for how frequently to replace or clean your filters. This task is easy to forget, but neglecting it decreases your machines’ lifespans. Additionally, find a reliable lubricant supplier VA and apply it to your filters’ moving parts to prevent friction.

Bathroom Sanitation

Although you probably think that your bathroom’s cleanliness has no effect on your production, the two are actually linked. If you do not prioritize cleaning your bathrooms, your employees are more likely to be sick and unable to meet their quotas. Additionally, if they are too stressed about the state of your facilities, their efficiency suffers.

Machine Inspections

Each of your machines involves moving parts that operate quickly, causing friction. Over time, this friction can cause your entire machine to move or certain parts to snap. Before turning on your machines, inspect each one for signs of stress. Watch for scuff marks, missing nails or screws, unusual odors, leaking fuel, and broken parts. Although these routine inspections are frustrating, they allow you to catch small problems before they require large-scale, expensive maintenance.

As you balance the craziness of your factory’s operations, don’t forget to keep up with these critical tasks. While they take time out of your day, in the long term, they save you money, promote efficiency, and keep your employees healthy and satisfied.