Decorating With Book Shelves

Decorating with BookshelfI’m in the process of redecorating my den and I want to get a nice sized book case for a long wall. I love to read, in fact, I love books and every thing that goes with them. I’ve always dreamed of having a large room in my house with floor to ceiling book cases, filled with books. However that doesn’t quite fit in my budget! Anyway, I went to buy a book case, and was I surprised at what I found.

Book cases are no longer plain boxes with shelves in them. If you want to add a bold statement to any room get a book case. The new styles range from outrageous to absolutely stunning. Some are free-standing so that they can stand in the center of the room, creating a real conversation piece! I saw a round one that was very interesting. Some have glass doors others are geometric in design. Of course you can still get a traditional design (boring!)

The new designs can be found to fit any style of interior design, from art deco to traditional and everything in between. You can get them made from plastic, wood or metal- your choice! What? No wall space? That’s ok, they have some that suspend from the ceiling and are cubes! Incredible.

In reality, you don’t need to even own a book to have a book case. They can be used for setting plants, photo’s, candles, priceless pieces; anything that you want to showcase. You can set a low book case in the hallway with a nice plant and a photo on the top shelf, with a few books on the 2 lower shelves. Very understated and elegant.

If you have decided to get a book case, take your time. Look around. You will find the perfect book case that is in your price range, and you will have a lot of fun looking.