Smart Home: Self Cleaning Surfaces

Smart HomeSmart homes are already becoming more and more popular across the globe. Now it’s not only the most well-off people that can afford to have an intelligent house. On the contrary, there are people from the developed countries that live well enough to be able to buy such a home.

Smart homes may be a bit expensive but their price is totally justifiable because they are energy-saving and have many features that make our lives easier.

One of the many advantages of smart homes is that they have a self-cleaning system that facilitates the cleaning process a lot and leaves just a little to be done after that. Futuristic homes are also said to be eco-friendly.

Quite possibly every woman dreams of a house that doesn’t need cleaning. It seems that the futuristic design is able to offer such a home. According to Veolia Environmental, an environmental services company, sooner than we think smart houses will have a self-cleaning bathroom and no bins at all.

According to this report, people will no longer need to worry about waste. Nanoscopic robots will literally “eat” all the rubbish after they sort it and separate it into materials.

So, it seems that the kitchen will be taken care of by the robots. What about the bathroom? Bathrooms are probably the hardest area to clean in the house as they are constantly moist and provide for a lot of germs, bacteria and mildew. Not to mention, the cleaning process is tedious and boring and requires a lot of effort. Thanks to houses of the future, however, the new bathrooms will be self-cleaning.

According to the report, the future bathroom will have self-cleaning surfaces, water purification systems and ultrasonic baths. A dirt detection system will be installed in the sink traps to detect the levels of dirt. Thus, they will stop the running water after all the dirt is completely gone.

The futuristic homes will be able to conserve more energy, which will result in lowered energy bills, a grave problem for most families during winter season. There will be 3D printers.

The general assumption is that these homes make our lives easier. A bath that is self-cleaning and uses less water is good both for us, human beings, and for the environment. Freshwater resources are finite and we should use water intelligently without wasting it. Low energy consumption will save some of the raw materials across the world. We need to preserve our water, raw materials and energy.

The report says that the new-age homes will no longer need bins. Now think about how much you hate the moment when you have to take out the rubbish. Having a robot that will take care of it is such an agreeable thought. When no rubbish is left in the bin, there will be no bad smell at all.

Still the best part about smart homes is that they have self-cleaning surfaces, which is awesome. Imagine a bathroom that no longer needs to be scrubbed and rubbed. A toilet bowl that cleans all by itself and a sink that does not accumulate soap scum. This will save hours and maybe days of cleaning, leaving more time for us to deal with our more important tasks and everyday duties. When you are no longer concerned about the domestic chores, life becomes much, much easier.

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