Make Painting an Easy Task with These Smart Tips

Painting your home can be one of the cheapest and easiest ways to freshen it up. A new color or even just a fresh coat of the existing one can immediately smarten a room. Except that painting isn’t always easy as it sounds. It can be an enormous hassle to get everything set up and painted the way you like it. And it’s even harder if you’re short on time, or you have kids and pets running around. Luckily, you can make painting easier by using the right method and employing some smart tools and gadgets. Make the task more simple by using these techniques.

Use a Paint Sprayer

If you want a tool that will help you get a more even coat of paint and get the job done quickly, try a paint sprayer. As well as eliminating the need for messy brushes, it makes painting a room or even the outside of your home more fun. However, you do have to put in the effort to paint, and use your common sense. For example, many Paint Zoom reviews from Amazon complain that the device wasn’t as easy to use as they thought it would be. While these tools help to make the job faster, it’s still important to cover your furniture and anything else you don’t want to paint. You also need to make sure your paint is the right consistency for spraying.

Home Painting

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Learn to Use a Roller Properly

If you decide to use a paint roller to tackle the task, it will benefit you to learn to do it properly. Some people may be surprised by the idea that there is a correct way to do it. You should have a system to make sure that you’re loading the roller at the right times and always have enough paint on it. The best way to learn how to do it is to watch a video or read an instructional article about how to get it right. You should also make sure you buy quality equipment, so you’re not disadvantaged before you even begin. Many people prefer to use a bucket to load their roller, instead of a tray.

Buy Good Brushes

Even if you’re using a roller or a paint sprayer, you’ll need to have a set of brushes. They’re the only thing accurate enough to paint around edges, corners and fixtures you don’t want to get paint on. It’s better to get a quality set that will last you a long time, so you can use them again and again. If they don’t even make it through painting one room, they were a waste of money.

Remove or Cover Everything

Remember, no matter what method of painting you use, you still need to protect anything you want to keep cleaning. Cover or remove furniture from the room, and do the same for any fixtures or fittings you can’t take out. Remove switch plates and tape the screws to the back to ensure that don’t get any paint on them.

Some people love painting their home and others hate it. No matter which camp you fall in, don’t make it harder for yourself than it needs to be.