Why You Should Choose Resin Flooring?

Resin flooring has numerous advantages, obviously this is dependant on where you plan to place it. This type of flooring is renowned for its toughness and durability and also its cleanliness. That is why resin floors are quite popular in warehouses and factories where the floor has to take on the impact of numerous activities almost on a daily basis. Resin Coating Specialists is a leader in the field of resin flooring and coating.


The resin floor is chemically manufactured by the bonding of two chemicals. In fact, the resulting bond is even stronger than concrete and has immense resistance to breakage. There is a continuous layer of chemical coating in resin floors – which is important to strengthen your floor.


These floors are tensile and flexible under stress and duress. The bonds between the chemicals in the resin floor allow it to hold immense weight. That way the floor will easily hold itself together under thermal shock and impact. The amount of flexibility of the floor is also important in its ability to bear a lot of weight. For example, if a warehouse holds thousands of tons worth of supplies, the resin floor will hold the weight and prevent the cracking of concrete underneath it.

Resistant To Abrasion

Our resin floors are well-known for its abrasion resistance. Even if something heavy abrades the floor, a resin floor won’t get damaged like a regular concrete floor. In fact, a regular concrete floor will get scratched under such circumstances.

Resistance To Chemicals

Most of the types of floors out there aren’t resistant to chemical spillage. In fact, alkalis, acids, and numerous solvents can damage such floors permanently. Resin floors are resistant to all sorts of chemical and hazardous substances. Since resin floors are made of chemicals itself, they are resistant to various chemicals spilling over the floor. That is why resin floors are ideal for chemical laboratories.

Aesthetic Appeal

A resin floor comes in numerous shades and colors. In fact, the customer has the option of choosing from numerous textures to suit his/her needs. Whether you plan to install the floor in your home or office, you can easily choose from a wide variety of aesthetically appealing designs. In fact, the aesthetic appeal of the floor is very important since no one will care about the quality of your floor if it doesn’t look good.


A resin floor is reliable and safe to use. It has an anti slip layer which is very important to prevent slipping and injuries. In fact, the anti slip layer will be added under the main layer of such a floor. It will allow for friction while walking and dragging on the floor.


A resin floor is more hygienic compared to all other flooring options on the market today. The laminated layer on top of the resin floor is stain resistant. Even if something falls on it, you can easily wipe it off with a dampened cloth. There won’t be any mess to deal with like other floors. This lamination results in non-stickiness and non-absorbing in the floor. This is why it’s used as commercial kitchen and brewery flooring regularly. A resin floor is healthy and hygienic compared to other floors.

Resin Coating Specialists

We manufacture resin floors in many sizes, textures, and colors. Our technology and tools help us make the very best resin flooring on the market today.