Signs You Need Electrical Panel Replacement

Electrical service panels are where the main power line from the grid comes into your home and is then distributed through your electrical system to the appliances, plugs, and lights. The electrical panel contains several circuit breakers, which disconnect the circuits during a power surge to help keep too much electricity from harming your appliances or gadgets.

If you are dealing with a malfunctioning, faulty, or old service panel that is not fulfilling the functions properly, you may burn out your electronics, experience a blackout, electrical fires, or something else. Keep reading to learn about some of the top signs you need electrical panel replacement Philadelphia.

Circuit Breakers That Keep Tripping

When your electric service panel begins to wear out, it will become more susceptible to power surges. This may result in regular episodes of circuits that are disconnected. Another reason your circuit breakers may trip is if your home’s electrical needs exceed the existing abilities of the panel.

If you have to reset your breakers a few times a week, when this was not necessary before, it is a good time to call the professionals. They can let you know if your electrical panel needs repairs or replacement.

The Breakers Will Not Reset

Usually, resetting a tripped breaker should not be a big deal. However, if the breaker does not reset properly, or if it does not restore power to your electronics or appliances, the issue may be the electrical panel. Make sure to have it inspected before more serious problems arise.

Indications of an Electrical Fire in Your Panel

Everything will wear down as time passes. This includes the wires and circuits that are inside your electrical panel. Exposed wires may burn out quickly, and this is something you may not notice unless you are close to the panel. However, there are some signs to include a burning smell or burn marks or charring around the breakers. If you notice these signs of electrical fires in your panel, emergency electrical service is needed, as this presents a severe hazard.

Knowing when to call for an electric service panel repair or replacement will help you avoid serious issues and problems with your home’s electric system. Do not ignore the signs here, as they can create a hazardous situation for your family and home. By taking action right away, you can feel confident your system will stay in good, working, safe conditions.