Careers for Dedicated Chemists

After you’ve obtained a chemistry degree, you’ll have opportunities to pursue a career in a variety of industries. However, if you’d like a job that’s beneficial and rewarding, consider seeking employment at a company that specializes in engineering, healthcare, or pharmaceuticals.

Chemical Engineering

If you land a job in this industry, you’ll tackle engineering tasks that involve oil and gas. Some engineering companies also have sectors for:

  • Food and drink
  • Water treatment
  • Plastic

Although the sectors are unique, a typical chemical engineer usually helps out during the design, development, and manufacturing process. Depending on the company, an engineer may also have to invent new formulas by gathering information from other areas of science, such as biomedical and nanotechnology.


Nearly all chemists in the healthcare industry work in a lab. However, there are a few companies that specialize in patient investigation. In a lab, a chemist must analyze blood and other fluids. These procedures are vital because they help medication specialists successfully diagnose and treat patients who have a disease or illness.

At some medical facilities, the chemists will have to work with clinicians. Throughout these sessions, clinicians usually request support and diagnostic data. If a chemist can’t provide beneficial advice, other steps must be taken to ensure that all future results will be accurate.


When compared to the healthcare industry, the pharmaceutical sectors are much bigger. As a result, the process of finding employment at a pharmaceutical company is easier. Each year, the demand for new drugs increases, which is why many people are pursuing employment at new pharmaceutical businesses.

Chemists who work in the pharmaceutical industry must develop and regulate all medications. Since a lot of people rely on the drugs that are made by pharmaceutical chemists, most employers have strict employment requirements, such as:

  • Strong management skills
  • Mathematic abilities
  • Analytical skills

If possible, you may want to get a bachelor’s degree in chemistry before seeking a career in pharmaceuticals. By achieving this goal, you won’t have any problems pursuing high-level positions down the road.

Besides these careers, there are many other great opportunities that are worth considering. For example, if you’re a great leader, catalyst property management is a good choice. No matter what industry you choose, the salary will be reasonable because a chemist’s services are valuable.