The Top Benefits of Installing Electronic Door Locks

If you’re tired of juggling keys, groceries, squirming babies, or other objects or have ever second-guessed whether you closed the back door before going to bed, smart locks can help. With a quick check on an app, you can reassure yourself.

For business owners, electronic door locks with access logs can help you keep track of when long-term and short-term employees enter and leave the building.


Many criminals are opportunists who are put off from attempting break-ins when they see that a building has been fitted with keyless locks. These locks require a passcode, fingerprint, or biometric scan to open the door, things that are much more difficult to fake or trick.

A keyless lock is also convenient for those who struggle with physical impairments. They remove the need to dig around in pockets or bags to find keys and are ideal for those who suffer from conditions such as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, arthritic joints, and carpal tunnel.

For businesses and work premises, they can help to ensure that employees have locked up before leaving the building. They are also great for schools and childcare settings, where a classroom lockdown function can be triggered remotely to secure the doors.


You can quickly control your electronic door lock Orlando through a mobile app or web interface because of its seamless interaction with your home’s Wi-Fi network. Some also work with virtual assistants, enabling voice commands to lock your door.

For homeowners, these locks eliminate the need for keys. You can assign access codes to family members or guests, which is particularly convenient for tradespeople who come by to carry out work.

In a commercial setting, revoking access for an employee who leaves or changes departments is accessible. It is an ideal solution for larger work premises seeking to improve security and convenience for their employees and visitors. The access control system can be accessed remotely to add or remove employee ID badges and clearances, ensuring that only authorized personnel are allowed entry.


A key benefit of smart lock systems is that they are easy to use with smartphone integration. It allows you to open the door for a friend without finding your keys or worrying about locking yourself out.

With the help of smart locks, businesses can effortlessly set up a schedule to automatically unlock and lock their doors during operating hours, leading to increased efficiency and convenience. It is ideal for commercial settings with different security clearances for some building regions.

Most electronic locks have some setup requirements, such as downloading the appropriate app and registering a fingerprint or face, but these systems are designed to be user-friendly. Most companies have videos online and customer service lines that can help you get set up quickly. They also allow you to change access codes easily.

Energy Efficiency

Modern access control systems enable administrators to track authorized personnel’s movements. It helps them monitor when individuals enter and leave the building and whether they properly shut and lock the doors.

In operation, wireless locks use less energy than wired models. They do not need an “always on” mains electricity connection to power their locking magnets. Instead, they ‘wake up’ when presented with a credential. It can lead to significant energy savings of over 70% – equivalent to thousands of euros over the lifetime of an installation.

Related maintenance requirements are also lower. Wireless locks need only a new standard battery every two years on average, which cuts unnecessary technician and contractor journeys. It helps to drive down operational costs, too.


The lack of a physical key reduces the risk of lockpicking, and other methods criminals use to break into homes. Some digital locks even have features that prevent unauthorized users from accessing the property in a particular time frame (e.g., a door can automatically be locked after closing hours).

If you’re trying to remember to close your doors, you can quickly check the status of your smart locks on an app from anywhere you have an internet connection. Some smart locks can also communicate with your home’s other systems to automatically turn off lights or raise the security alarm when you lock.

For businesses, upgrading to an electronic door system is a great way to keep track of employees’ entry and exit times. Some systems can allow you to create different access codes for each employee or create a schedule that will enable certain people to access at specific times of the day.