The Science Behind Stable Internet for Physical and Mental Health

One of the biggest problems people face on a regular basis is stress. There are many things that contribute to the feeling of being “stressed out” ranging from lack of sleep to improper diets. Many people don’t put into consideration how a slow Internet access can also contribute to this condition. Frustration and anger felt because the Internet is slow can be just as detrimental to your health as a lack of sleep.

When Working

Many people rely on the Internet as their primary method of income. Freelancers, video developers and many others depend on a stable online connection for their careers. When this connection is less than ideal, it can affect how much money is made during any given day. The Internet is a necessity for these individuals, and it needs to be stable and reliable. For many people working at home, a bad Internet connection may mean a loss of immediate income. This could then contribute to depression, high blood pressure, headaches and more because of the accumulated stress.

When Playing

You live in a world where instant gratification is the norm. Millions of people around the globe rely on the Internet to deliver various forms of entertainment. Studies have shown that allowing yourself to relax either through gaming or video watching can be beneficial to reduce stress in your life. When your Internet connection isn’t as stable as you’d like, it could lead to a high degree of frustration. The more often the network is unstable, the more stressed you become. Eventually, it could lead to more severe problems such as sleep deprivation, stomach aches and a reduced immune system response.

In the Relationship

Stress can contribute to destabilizing your relationships. Whether it’s through physical needs or connecting on an emotional level, the amount of stress you go through can play a role in personal lifestyles. By allowing the small things to eat away at you, it becomes more difficult to think rationally over time. Situations in your life may be manageable up to a certain point. A poor Internet connection could become the proverbial “last straw.”

This isn’t saying that fast Internet will cure everything that ails you, but it can contribute by eliminating online activity as a cause of your problems. Find out more information about fiber optic technology and how it can benefit the household. It may help by reducing some of the stress you feel on a regular basis.