Practical Ideas On How To Keep Your Fireplace And Lower Your Heating Bills

Fireplace in Living roomHaving concerns over the environment, the iconic fireplace has lost some of its luster but it is still a favorite for many people. There is nothing like feeling the real warmth of a fireplace during a chilly winter evening. There are many benefits to having a fireplace however there are several drawbacks that might need to be taken care of. Because of power costs elevating so quickly, your fireplace needs to be a source of heat, not one of inefficiency. When a fire is burning, it may possibly give warmth to people standing around it, but it can actually pull warm air out of the room, making your furnace work even more. The hearth damper is expected to keep cold air from coming in to your home when you don’t have a fire in the fireplace. However, dampers have a very inefficient seal, so cold air gets in, and warm air will go out.

A great many people who have a fireplace don’t realize how it can impact heating costs. Instead of keeping heating costs down, it may actually do the exact opposite if one is not careful. However, there are a number of techniques that you can do that can turn your budget busting fireplace into something more efficient. There happen to be four simple things that you can do to make your fireplace into a cost effect heat resource. Each of these is going to make your fireplace very economical and very efficient.

The initial step is to take out your damper and swap it with a top sealing damper. This type of damper is positioned near the top of your chimney and helps to stop rain from coming in. The top sealing damper will keep the air in the home from escaping and will work very well in hot and cold weather. This will not take much time to install and you can find one online. Next, you ought to have a fire-back in the rear section of your hearth. It is manufactured from cast iron and it is used to enhance the look of your fireplace while protecting the back wall from fire damage. The fire-back basically heats up from the fire and adds the heat back into a room, thus improving the efficiency of the fireplace.

Another approach is to obtain a fireplace heater, which draws in air in a room and warms it up. These heaters don’t release any smoke and should be very effective in keeping your family home warm. Last but not least, you can install glass doors which could be the most costly item. If you do your groundwork, you can secure a good price on glass doors and mount them yourself. These glass doors help to keep the heat from escaping plus it keeps children and pets from getting burned.

All these suggestions are straightforward to do, and the products can be found online. Keep your fireplace and reduce heating costs by making it more efficient.