How to Improve the Look and Safety of Your Windows

Having good security doors will not completely deter a would-be thief.  Often we forget that our home windows are just as likely to be broken into, and are often easier than doors.  You can put security screens on your windows, similar to what you may have on your doors.  Putting up screens will not ruin the look of your windows if you choose the right ones.


When you go to secure your front and rear entrance to your home don’t forget to secure your windows as well.  If they don’t have locks on them it is important to have them installed.  When choosing your locks make sure you can undo them easily from the inside in case you need to escape out of the windows in an emergency, such as if there is a fire.  If you have sliding windows that slide across ways you can make them a little more secure yourself by placing a piece of timber in the tracking so that from the outside you can’t pull them across.


Make sure you have adequate outdoor lighting over your windows as well as your doors.  Proper lighting will deter people from hanging around your home.  If they are in full view they are less likely to try and break in.


Plants and trees that shield windows from sight should be removed if you want to improve the safety of your windows.  Thick foliage gives an intruder somewhere to hide.  The flip side is that a garden outside a window does make it look more attractive and it also will shade your window against direct sunlight, which will in turn help keep the inside of your home much cooler in summer.

Curtains and blinds

Curtains make a big difference to the look of a window.  You could also choose from roller blinds, Roman blinds or shutters.  Curtains can be made out of all different types of fabrics and can be of a varying weight of fabric.  Properly backed curtains or blinds will block out the heat and sunlight effectively in summer and also help keep your room warmer in winter.  Your curtains or blinds can really dress up your windows and also change the whole look of your room depending on the style, colour and fabric design.  Curtains can make a room look traditional or formal, timber shutters might be better in a more casual space or a bathroom and you may want roller blinds to suit a more modern room.  Have curtains or blinds make to measure and choose the perfect fabric to suit your décor.


You can have safety glass put in your windows which can increase their safety as a  high security glass is harder to break.  An intruder is less likely to break a window to get in, and would most likely use this as a last resort as it makes a noise and can draw attention, plus there is the risk of injury from the shards of glass.