The Importance of Wearing PPE

PPE on site

If you’re reading this it probably means you were looking for personal protective equipment. Working under different conditions can result in various hazards that can be avoided by wearing the appropriate clothing, footwear and equipment.

We can lower our risk of accidents and injuries simply by understanding simple facts such as that a construction worker should always protect his or her head with a hard hat and a mechanic should wear protective gloves.

Even if most companies provide you with uniforms according to your needs and job requirements, we are all responsible for the safety and protection of our own bodies.

Whatever you do, never compromise your safety.

What exactly is PPE?

PPE is basically Personal Protective Equipment.  In this category you will find all types of protective clothing, footwear and equipment designed to shield the body during dangerous situations.

The most common injuries can be caused by direct contact with electrical, chemical or physical threats. As injury can occur in or outside the work place, protective equipment should also be used during all potentially dangerous projects not related to your occupation.

Keep in mind that in order to be effective protective equipment should always be well fitted and comfortable. There is no point in wearing googles while welding, for example, if they continuously fall off your eyes and expose you to dangerous sparks. If your work trousers make impossible for you to move easily, exchange them for a more elastic pair; any item that doesn’t serve its purpose perfectly should be replaced with one that does.

Body Protection

When it comes to your outfit you can will want to pay close attention to your trousers, overalls, jackets, vests and jumpers.

The most important factor is the fabric the clothes are made of. Make sure it is durable and has an additional waterproof layer if necessary; nothing is more bothersome than being cold and wet when you have to focus on work tasks.

An extra pocket could be an important feature if you need a place to keep your phone or keys. A detachable hood is also a good option if you want to be prepared for any changes in weather.

When talking about body protection, don’t forget about safety footwear. Choosing the correct pair of work boots depends on your profession. Many mechanics and construction workers should go for ankle-high boots with a shock absorbent sole and steel toe cap. These will give your feet the comfort and protection they need.

If you work in farming or agriculture you have to look for rigger shoes or wellingtons. Look for features like: waterproof outer fabric, fur lining and chemical stain resistance.

Hand Protection

Never forget to use the appropriate safety gloves for any project. If your work involves mechanical hazards choose a pair of gloves that is tightly fitted and will protect your hands from harsh and sharp elements. Rigger and mesh gloves should easily pass the test in a harsh environment.

Hand protection is also very important if you work with heavy weights, electricity and high temperature.

Eye, Ear and Mouth Protection

Eyes are a very sensitive part of the body and should be protected with safety goggles and shield masks if they will be exposed to direct light or dangerous substances.

Also if you work in a loud environment, it’s advisable to use specifically designed ear plugs and defenders. Remember that a ruptured eardrum or damage to your inner ear can cause irreversible damage.

When it comes to mouth protection, a simple disposable mask can be a good solution. It will not only protect you from excessive dust but also create a barrier against any germs and bacteria.

You can never have enough PPE- take the time to do your research to find out which protective gear will keep you safe and make your work day easier.