Location is Everything: Properly Positioning Your Exterior AC Unit

Whether you’re purchasing a new home or upgrading an older property, supporting an air-conditioning system is mandatory for everyday comfort. It’s true that even the coolest regions have their heat waves. Take a cue from the engineering experts on how to position your new AC unit. It should be in a particular location for optimal operations.

Away From the Neighbors

Ideally, locate your AC unit away from your neighbor’s house. Depending on the property’s layout, this goal might be difficult to attain. You might try the AC unit out in one area, which allows you to listen for the sound levels. If the unit seems really loud for your neighbors, look for another location. Once the unit is in its permanent position, it’s very challenging to alter. Get the installation right the first time with some thorough planning.

Up, Up and Away?

You might consider an installation that’s up on a roof or other out-of-the-way location. Consult with professionals when you’re considering this installation type, however. The location may be optimal because it frees up your patio or yard space. The downside to the installation is a difficult reach. Regular maintenance will be a challenge. There might be extra charges to reach the AC unit each time. Keeping the unit on the ground level is usually a better choice.

The Base Element

With a solid location picked out, be sure that there’s a sturdy base for the unit. A concrete pad is the best choice because exterior units are extremely heavy. You want the components to remain safely in place without any threat of movement from the shifting ground. Placing the unit on soil or another surface isn’t suggested by the professionals. This base can void warranties and significantly reduce the system’s lifespan.

Don’t forget that maintenance is a critical part of your installation too. Be sure to contract with an air conditioning service in Fort Myers FL so that the components are always in good shape. You’ll have a system that runs with ease through the hottest summers as a result.