Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives

Demolition OperativesNot everything are meant to last, including buildings. Although buildings are built to stand for more than 10 years, there will always be structures that need to be demolished due to certain reasons. These include –

  • The building is no longer fit for occupancy
  • The building poses a threat to the public and its surrounding environment
  • The building is an eyesore in the area
  • The derelict building will be replaced by a new one

However, building demolition is not an easy job and requires a certain level of skill and competency. Demolition may bring forth hazardous and environmental impacts especially when not done properly. In doing so, demolition workers must undergo training to properly and efficiently do the job.

To address this need, the National Demolition Training Group or NDTG introduced the Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives.

Tell me about it. 

The Certificate of Competence of Demolition Operatives or CCDO is a card scheme granted to competent demolition workers in the construction industry. Before the grant of the CCDO card, the demolition worker must first undergo a training conducted by the NDTG via 5 National Federation of Demolition Contractors (NFDC) regions –

  • London and Southern Counties
  • Midlands and Wales
  • North East
  • North West
  • Scotland 

What are the different CCDO Card Categories?

 Demolition Site Operative (Trainee)

The Demolition Site Operative card is aimed at new entrants with less than 1 year of experience. This card only enables new and inexperienced to access the demolition site but only to carry out basic site duties. This means that the cardholder will only have a limited level of work that can be carried out in the demolition area. Hence, the card is only valid for 2 years and cannot be renewed.

Nonetheless, trainee cardholders are still expected to be given the Labourer card upon assessment and after being employed in the demolition sector for more than 1 year.

To be granted if this card, the following requirements should be met –

  1. Get the corresponding CCDO application form.
  2. Attend a Demolition Safety Awareness Course within 3 years from an approved NDTG Training Provider.
  3. Attend an Asbestos Awareness Course within a year from an approved UKATA or NDTG Training Provider.
  4. Pass the Health, Safety & Environment Test.
  5. Send the application and pay the corresponding fees of £15.

Demolition Experienced Worker (Topman)

This card requires operatives with at least 2 years experience and in-depth understanding and technical knowledge of the demolition industry. Valid for 3 years, this non renewable CCDO Card allows the cardholder to perform all duties required in the Demolition, Reclamation and Refurbishment Card while demonstrating adequate knowledge of the activities outlined in the CCDO Scheme.

In order to obtain a Topman card, the tests and courses required for operative trainees must likewise be complied with. Further, the operative will have to submit the necessary certificates evidencing his experience in the demolition field.

The operative will also undergo an industrial assessment. If the operative is unable to obtain at least 80% in his assessment but was able to meet the required standards, he will still be given an Experienced Worker Card.

Demolition Supervisor

The Demolition Supervisor is ideal for key personnel with at least 5 years experience and has the ability to supervise a demolition project. Since cardholders are required to be in the demolition site everyday, they should have an in-depth technical understanding on how the demolition sector operates and its corresponding policies and guidelines.

To qualify for the card, same requirements with the trainee applicants must be complied with. More so, there is a need to attend a Supervisor Course for 12 weeks which includes a Training Needs Analysis on the first day of training to determine eligibility. Thereafter, an Experienced Worker (Supervisor) Card will also be issued which is valid for 3 years.

Also, applicant must attend Demolition Supervisor Distance Learning course and should achieve NVQ Level 3 Construction Site Supervision.

Demolition, Reclamation and Refurbishment Operative (formerly Labourer Card)

This card is suitable for operatives with at least 1 year experience and has basic knowledge with Demolition, Reclamation and Refurbishment. The card, which is valid for 5 years, enables operatives to perform demolition duties as well as duties prescribed in the Reclamation Salvage Card.

Same requirements with trainee operatives must be complied with. There will be a £15 application fee and £150 + VAT for a full CCDO assessment.

Demolition Operative (Topman)

 Those who have minimum 2 years experience and have a good grasp of the demolition industry can obtain a Demolition Operative card. Because of his technical understanding of the demolition sector, the operative will have to carry out the duties prescribed in the Demolition, Reclamation and Refurbishment Card.

To qualify for this card, an operative should be a Demolition Experienced Worker cardholder and has achieved NVQ (QCF) Level 2 (QUA829) including all the optional units. Further, the tests and courses required to be taken such as the Health, Safety & Environment Test and Demolition Safety Awareness Course must be complied with.

Demolition Manager

The Demolition Manager card is aimed at key people with at least 5 years experience in the demolition industry andis actively involved in the demolition project’s site and contracts management. Because of the responsibility attached to it, candidates will have to go through intense training and assessment before issuance of the card.

To qualify for this card, the candidate should meet the following requirements –

  1. Has taken Managerial & Professional (MAP) Health, Safety and Environment Test.
  2. Has completed CCDO Demolition Managers 5-day course and assessment, achieving a required standard upon assessment. The course consists of modules in Environmental Management, Project Planning, Waste Management, Monitoring Project Activities, Control of substances hazardous to health, Managing their own Personal Development and Legislation among others, which will help run a demolition site more effectively.
  3. Is a Demolition Experienced Worker (Manager) cardholder. This can be obtained upon completion of the 5-day training and assessment program.
  4. Has QCF Diploma in Construction Site Management (Demolition) within 3 year-life of the Demolition Experienced Worker card.

For more information on the CSCS Test click the link to http://constructionmocktest.com