How Far Infrared Heating Can Save Your Business Money

Infrared Heating

According to figures published by government sources, the average UK business wastes up to 20 per cent of the total they pay on their energy bills. On average that amounts to £135 a year per business.

And energy bills are about to get even more severe. The Coalition government calculates Britain needs to invest £310bn by 2030 to keep its energy sources, water and telecommunications up-to-date and the money invested by energy corporations will be recouped back from businesses and home owners.

The National Audit Office (NAO) predicts energy bills will increase by an average £700 a year over the course of the 16 years. The steep incline will threaten many small firms out of business – but business owners can save themselves future heartache by acting now and installing a Far-Infrared heating system you can save 90% on bills, maintenance and repair.

What is Far-Infrared heating?

Far-Infrared rays are invisible light waves that come from the sun and is perfectly natural and harmless. In fact, 50% of the heat our bodies generate is FIR. When Far-Infrared connects with the human body it provides energy and relaxation thus has subsequently become very popular with wellbeing centres for easing aches and pains together with detoxification and energizing programs.

The rays only heat up when they touch something such as walls and furniture so rooms retains the heat longer meaning you can lower your thermostat settings or turn your heating system off all together. Therefore FIR provides you with a simple, low-cost solution that not only reduces your energy bills but revitalizes your employees and improves their well-being, happiness and levels of productivity.

When placed in a heating component, FIR uses a filament which emits waves of natural electromagnetic radiation to warm a specific area. Far-Infrared heaters are carbon heaters, but because they use less energy emission help reduce your carbon footprint as well as your energy bill. Over the next 16 years, Far-Infrared heaters will save you a significant amount of expenditure on your heating.

Heating incentives

Replacing your central heating system with Far-Infrared now will save you even more cash under the Government´s Green Deal initiative which allows subscribers to pay for energy efficient improvements through savings on their quarterly energy bills. A green deal advisor will assess your property and a green deal supplier will arrange funding so improvements can be made.

Alternatively, the Carbon Trust offer interest free loans of between £3,000 and £400,000 to enterprises to improve the energy efficiency of their business premises. Before installation work begins the Trust will perform a free carbon survey to pinpoint where you can save energy and money.

Far-Infrared heaters can also be designed to appear like part of the room such as a painting or a mirror. Because the carbon heaters are stand-alone and heat up quickly you only need to turn them on when the room is in use. Businesses have an obligation to help Britain reduce its carbon footprint and installing energy efficient heating systems like Far-Infrared heaters goes a long way to achieving the Kyoto Treaty goals.