Cleaning of Industrial Floors

Industrial Floor CleaningWhen it comes to cleaning industrial floors, you must distinguish between maintenance cleaning and primary cleaning.

New floors

Before being used for the first time, newly laid industrial floors should be cleaned thoroughly with alkaline primary cleaner. A protective film that is appropriate to the use and based on a self-drying wax emulsion can then be applied.

This protective film ensures that the industrial floor coating is not directly attacked by contamination. In addition, such protective films are also available in slip-resistant formulations, allowing them also to be used in wet areas.

Floors already in use

Floors already in use should be subjected to regular maintenance cleaning, e.g using a cleaning machine. In the event of heavy contamination, an alkaline primary cleaner can also be used for interim cleaning.

Heavily contamination floors

These normal require intensive primary cleaning with an alkaline cleaner. The dosage of the primary cleaner will depend on the particular level of contamination.

Floors that have been primary cleaned should then be covered with a new protective film.

Industrial floor coatings have been subjected to intensive testing by a variety of cleaning agent manufacturers. the tested cleaning concept described below is given by way of example.

  • Primary cleaning: In the case of heavily contaminated floors, primary cleaning with Buzil IR 42 FORTE is required. The dosage depend on the amount of contamination. The topping must then be rinsed thoroughly with clean water.
  • Protective film: Whether or not a protective film is laid down depends, among other factors, on the surface structure. If a coating is required, Buzil S735 CORRIDOR crystal must be used in two coats, and each coat must be thoroughly dry.

Looking after your floor

If the correct cleaning and maintenance schedule is used the appearance of your floor can be easily maitained.

For floors wit ha high gloss finish it is acceptable practice to lay a sacrificial layer of an acrylic polish. which keep the high gloss finish, give a hard wearing surface, have the ability to allow for the removal of surface scrachces or blemishes, whilst still incorporating anti-slip properties.

Once the above action or the decision to the leave the floor as supplied has been taken, the the floor will require regular cleaning with either a neutral mildly alkaline floor cleaner.

If you have decided to use a surface polish on your floor the any visible wear can be overlaid with a fresh coat. However, if continual additions of coats are made the it may be necessary to occasionally remove the polish and start-a-fresh.