Information given in a Call for Construction Bids Notice

Construction TenderThe notice must be as short as possible, but conveying an adequate idea of the nature and scope of the proposed work and all essential details. The text of a good advertisement should at least include the following information:

Mode of submitted bids

Bidders should be asked to submit bids in sealed covers, in order to maintain secrecy of quotations.

Form of Bid

It is advisable to get all offers in the same form to facilitate scrutiny, and comparison

Name of the inviting authority

This helps the bidder know the persons he will have to deal with and the co-operation he may receive, if his bid is accepted, and such may also affect his quotation.

Nature of the work and its location

If the nature and location of work is within his operating area, the prospective contractor will want to learn more about the job; else he may not waste time in reading further details

Estimated cost of the work

This most briefly indicates the magnitude of the work and enables him o see whether it is too small to interest him or perhaps too large for him to handle.

Time Limit

The time limit within which the work is to be completed should be mentioned. This will be of great help to the bidder to work out a realistic price of the work.. The time limit may influence the type and number of construction equipments and workers to be employed, and will vitally affect the contractor’s bid.

The availability of Data and forms

Where, from whom, at what cost and up to which date blank bid forms and specifications may be obtained and whether a refund will be made upon their return in satisfactory conditions.

Earnest money required with the bid

The amount and form of security; whether the amount will be accepted i the form of cash, bank guarantee, check or others. Also the number of days within which the amount will be refunded to the unsuccessful bidder.

Performance security

The amount, form, and procedure of recovering.

Information regarding drawings

Where and when drawings can be examined by bidders.

Last date, place and time of receipt of sealed bid.

The date, time and place and procedure of opening bids.

Reservation to reject bids.