5 Tips To Designing Your Dream Home

Dream Home Design

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Building your own home is a truly life affirming pursuit. You can take the vision inside your head and make it reality. It will become a life-long home for you and your family, so it needs to be just right! It will be a long and difficult journey, but it is always worth it in the end. Watching your dream house spring up from the ground is exciting. Even better, you get to be part of it. From project managing to laying the brickwork, there is always a way for you to be involved. 

For some, that involvement will begin right at the start. The very design and style is important to most house builders. For some, it may be as simple as sketching the plans on the back of a napkin. For other, they may use architectural software on the computer. However you approach it, there are a number of things to bear in mind. That’s what we’re here to talk about today. 

  1. Functionality 

The best part about designing and building your home is the freedom to do what you want. Within reason! If you have specific needs or ideas, you can incorporate them. You can build a vast open plan living area, for example. You can give yourself extra room in the bedroom or plan a gym space. However, always remember to keep it functional. Take into account where the plumbing lines up and the sensible flow of electric appliances. 

  1. Style 

This is where you really get to have fun with your property. When you’re building a house, you can really make it your own. You could opt for an eco friendly house with a living wall or roof, for example. You could get your hands on some ranch house plans and pursue a quaint older style. We do recommend taking the other buildings in the area into account. A unique home has the habit of standing out against the others in the neighbourhood. 

  1. Get inspired 

This is your one and only chance to squeeze in every exciting feature into your home. If you’ve never designed or sketched a house before, go and find some inspiration. Visit open houses and take a look around. Try to attend ones that are a similar size and design to what you have in mind. Look at where they position the bathrooms, doors and windows. Take inspiration from clever space saving ideas too. 

  1. Start drawing 

At some point, you just have to put pen to paper! We recommend starting simple with pencil sketches. It will take a while to get the rough design right. Don’t worry too much about scale or size yet. Just get the proportions and flow how you like it. Once you’ve got a design you like, use a computer software to make a more professional and accurate design. 

  1. Bring in the experts 

Finally, it’s time to bring in the architects. Your designs will form the backbone. From here, the architect will transform them into useable blueprints. They’ll also help spot any potential problems early. 

We hope that gives you some idea on how to get started on your new plans! Best of luck in your self build adventure!