The Four Most Incredible Engineering Projects On The Planet


There aren’t a lot of people that would consider civil engineering to be cool. That’s because not many people completely understand what a civil engineer does. These engineers are behind some of the most fascinating buildings and landmarks on the planet. The projects on this list are quite simply astonishing. The fact that human beings came together to build something on such a large scale is incredible. 

Building anything from scratch is impressive. From a simple tank liner in your back garden to the international space station, it all requires planning. The four projects on this list are arguably the most impressive structures humans have ever built. If you ever thought that engineering wasn’t cool or sexy, think again. 

Burj Khalifa, Dubai 

Since the dawn of human existence, we have always tried to build bigger and taller. The quest to reach the stars and touch the sky has never gotten old. We are still competing. In the world of skyscrapers, this couldn’t be more true. Dubai’s Burj Khalifa is the King of them all. Built as part of Dubai’s grand reinvention, it is the tallest building on the planet. It is a full 200 meters taller than its nearest competitor. It was built by the team that are now working on the One World Trade Center. These engineers know their way around a tall building. 

International Space Station, Space 

It’s easy to forget that this incredible structure was built and planned by humans. Reaching past our own atmosphere into space is perhaps our finest engineering achievement. We have only just scratched the surface of space exploration but the ISS is pioneering the technology. It is particularly special because it brought together sixteen countries. Putting aside their differences, the USA worked with Russia to build a co-operative machine. 

Three Gorges Dam, China 

We have long known the positive features of dams. Engineers have studied and built them for centuries. The Three Gorges Dam in China is the biggest and most powerful of them all. It will harness hydroelectric power to produce 10% of all China’s electricity. It is so big in fact, that many scientists have claimed it has altered the earth’s rotation. The dam has caused such an unnatural shift of water that it has unbalanced the entire planet. This is mind-blowing engineering. 

Panama Canal, Panama 

There’s a reason they call the Panama Canal the eighth wonder of the world. When it was first built, it completely changed the nature of shipping and trade routes. It cut out up to 60 days of shipping. Instead of traveling all the way around South America, traders could now go through the middle. They literally carved out a new waterway in the earth. Today, they are building it even wider to accommodate enormous ships. 

Engineering has produced some of the most impressive structures on the planet. Some of them stand alongside the natural wonders in terms of sheer beauty and power. Engineering has altered the shape of the planet and helped us leave the earth entirely. Who knows where it will take us next.