How To Choose a Crane Scale

Industrial applications often require the ability to accurately weigh heavy loads. Various types of scales are available depending on the types of loads being weighed. Crane scales are a versatile option that allow for the safe measurement of loads that are often oversized and irregularly shaped, making other types of scales more difficult to use. When choosing a crane scale, once you’ve found products with the correct weight range that you need, here are some additional features to look for.

Ease of Use

People operating crane scales in manufacturing and cargo applications are often wearing gloves and other safety equipment that can make pushing buttons and other fine motor movements challenging. Look for force measurement tools in Fort Lauderdale FL that have large buttons and keys that are easier to manipulate when operators are lifting and moving loads or resetting the tare on the scale.


Many applications requiring a crane scale are outdoors. When you are purchasing this type of scale, be sure to choose one that has a digital display that can be read even in bright sunlight. Having a large readout that can be seen from a distance provides flexibility in use. A remote readout option allows someone other than the crane operator to monitor the loads being lifted as well.

Long Battery Life

Having to change or recharge batteries in your crane scale control during a shift eats into productivity. Choose a device with a long battery life to prevent interruptions. Some scales even feature automatic shutoff functions to further conserve battery power when the scale is not in use for an extended period of time.

Paying attention to the features provided by various crane scales can help you ensure that you choose the right equipment for the application you’re working in. Proper weight range is only one aspect of a scale that affects its suitability for a given purpose.