Civil Engineering Handbook – New Directions in Civil Engineering

About the author

Civil Engineering HandbookThe Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition (New Directions in Civil Engineering) is written by W.F. Chen. W.F. Chen is dean of engineering college at University of Hawaii and a reputed professor of Civil Engineering. His research incorporated with mainly civil department and later on he shared his experience to publish books on civil engineering.

Why the book was written

The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition (New Directions in Civil Engineering) is a handbook book for civil engineering students. It is very popular among the students for exam preparation. It contains the whole syllabus on fundamental civil engineering and it is now a complete study guide for a civil engineer. It contains a brief idea about the basic chapter on civil and has an essential information about the subject that make students confident to appear exam as well as competitive exams on civil engineering. This book provides guidance for on job training students in civil department. It is written in a very simple language so that everybody can understand all the topics. This book can be considered as a complete guide to the field of civil engineering.

The both sides

As per user review and market place the book has two sides, positive and a little bit negative. The Pros and Cons of the books are listed below:


This handbook is a solution for students as well as practitioners for basic civil engineering sector. It provides wide range of information regarding civil fundamental topics. It also contains charts, figures, tables and more to make students understand the subjects without any effort and clearly. It mainly helps students before their exams for final preparation. It involves more than 500 sample model question and mathematical problems so that student can figure out the solution with the theory portion. It is more comprehensive than the 1st edition. It encloses with a vast appendix and index which can help to find a topic in the book very easily.


The one and only little disadvantage of the book is about its cost. It is little bit costly so that some students cannot afford it very easily.


Thus The Civil Engineering Handbook, Second Edition is now have a place in the book market as it announced as a textbook for civil engineering students and a reference book for the civil engineers.