Use Green Practices in All Aspects of Business

Green Project ManagementGreenPM® integrates environmental thinking into all project management processes. But green thinking does not have to be reserved just for projects. It can be part of all of your business processes. The point of GreenPM is not that you make every decision in favor of the one that is most environmentally friendly. The point is that you start to take the environment into account during the decision-making process. The same can hold true for other business processes as well.

Green Business Processes

It can be difficult to be green. Most green initiatives today are focused on equipment, supplies and other tangible products. There is not nearly so much emphasis yet on embedding green thinking into core business operating processes. These are the processes you use to run your business. Examples include your hiring process, performance review process, financial closeout process, vendor management processes, sales processes, etc. All companies have many business processes that are used to run the business. Few of these processes have been customized to support green thinking.

For example, let’s look at a simple fictional hiring process, and see where we can add green thinking. The process might look something like this.

  • Understand skills and experience level for the position. (New – ask if there are any green requirements for the position).
  • Create job description. (New – add a section in the job description for green requirements. This gets the manager thinking about it for all job descriptions.)
  • Post position internally. (New – post electronically. Receive all resumes and feedback electronically. Don’t print any documents.)
  • Post position externally to internet job boards and on corporate website. (New – validate that the external job boards you use have sound environmental policies.)
  • Evaluate candidates. (New – see if any candidates have green experience that matches any green requirements on the job description.)
  • Perform initial interviews with qualified candidates. (New – perform initial interviews by phone, not in person. Save on costs as well as environmental impact.)
  • Pass qualified candidates to hiring manager (New – send electronically, not hard copy.)
  • Conduct hiring manager interviews. (New – perform initial interviews by phone, not in person.)
  • Bring in finalists for in-person interviews. (New – set up interviews for each candidate so they only have to travel one time.)
  • Make hiring recommendation
  • Make offer

There you have it. You have just embedded some simple ideas to make this a greener process. It is not burdensome. It just embeds green thinking into the process you were going to perform anyway. Take this idea and replicate it 100 billion times on simple business processes round the world. It would have a noticeable impact.